Brazilian Lounge Podcast recebe Natalia Nogues

The seventh episode of the Brazilian Lounge Podcast welcomes Natalia Nogues from Control+F5, a service hub designed to operate Gaming in Brazil.

Natalia Nogues brings a unique perspective to the world of iGaming. Natalia, daughter of a Brazilian father and a Uruguayan mother, considers herself Gaucho at heart.

His iGaming journey began when he moved to Montevideo in 2006, where he graduated in Graphics and Web Design from ORT University.

With her experience in various areas, from web design to financial management, Natalia came to iGaming already having crucial roles, such as Operational Manager at Betcris in Brazil.

Today, as managing partner of Control+F5, Natalia is a leader.

She leads a company that offers complete solutions for gaming companies that want to operate effectively and in accordance with legislation in Brazil.

In this engaging episode, Natalia shares her experiences, challenges and views on iGaming in Brazil and how Control+F5 is helping to shape the sector.

About the Brazilian Lounge Podcast

The Brazilian Lounge podcast was created in August 2023 and features presentations by Ricardo Magri (Director of Brazilian Lounge), Alessandro Valente (co-founder of Brazilian Lounge) and Witoldo Hendrich Junior (co-founder of Hendrich Advogados / Online IPS).

In addition, the Brazilian Lounge explores the topics that have the most impact on the gaming and betting industry in Brazil on a weekly basis.

With Flávio Figueiredo (CEO of iGaming Group), the Top 7 news is sponsored by the bookmaker Bet7k.

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