The most recent episode of the Brazilian Lounge Podcast delved deeply into the marketing and business development scene with Ricardo Bianco, CMO and responsible for Marketing, Business Development, Branding and PR at QESH.

Ricardo, accumulating more than two decades of experience in marketing, growth and business development, shares valuable views and insights on overcoming challenges, achieving goals and achieving success in a dynamic and constantly evolving market.

Furthermore, he explains the work of betting operators on acquiring new customers and retention to keep users on the main sites.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and a solid strategic vision, Ricardo Bianco made his mark by contributing to the generation of more than US$1.8 billion in business, both online and offline.

Its innovative approach and ability to continuously adapt are fundamental pillars of its successful trajectory.

Additionally, Ricardo shared a startup-inspired philosophy, highlighting his ability to offer an unbiased and comprehensive view of business.

Throughout his career, Ricardo has played roles in various sectors, including finance, technology, gambling, industry, retail and services, collaborating with renowned clients such as Banco Itaú, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Honda, Riachuelo, among others.

Highlights from the interview with Ricardo Bianco

The conversation also covered key areas from marketing and branding strategies to business development, negotiation and sales, as well as online and offline customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Behind the scenes, Ricardo reveals his passion for cooking and photography, his addiction to snowboarding and his routine of constant reading, keeping up to date with marketing, behavior and business.

About the Brazilian Lounge Podcast

Therefore, the podcast features a presentation by Ricardo Magri (Director of Brazilian Lounge), Alessandro Valente (co-founder of Brazilian Lounge) and Witoldo Hendrich Junior (co-founder of Hendrich Advogados / Online IPS).

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