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Macau’s casino sector celebrates a historic revenue milestone in March this year, exceeding expectations with growth of 53.1% year-on-year.

The increase in total revenue to 19.5 billion patacas (equivalent to 2.4 billion US dollars) was driven by the significant growth in the number of visitors to the region.

The steady easing of restrictions, similar to measures implemented during the pandemic, played a crucial role in boosting these revenues. However, it is important to note that the region has not yet fully recovered to the peak levels reached in March 2019.

Analysts interpret this growth as a stimulus for the region, challenging them to maintain an upward trajectory in terms of engagement, traffic and, especially, revenue.

In recent years, the economic scenario in China has led casinos in Macau to diversify their offerings. In this way, transforming themselves into true entertainment centers and exploring different ways of engaging the public.

A significant example of this growth is MGM China, which recently announced that it no longer needs financing.

Thus, it ended up canceling a lucrative revolving loan with controlling shareholder MGM Resorts. This reflects confidence in the prosperous future of both the region and the operator.

Challenges and prospects: Macau casinos and future investments

Despite the positive outlook, the casino sector in Macau faces challenges with stricter regulations, especially in relation to VIP players.

However, Morgan Stanley predicts a bright future for the sector next year, with forecasts of significant non-gaming investments by companies in the sector.

In 2023, the region achieved gross gaming revenue of $22.7 billion, representing an impressive 334% annual increase.

This growth has resulted in a measure that will require the region’s major operators to increase their spending on non-gaming investments by 20%.

In a recent comment, Las Vegas Sands Group President and CEO Robert Goldstein expressed his optimism: “We firmly believe in the growth of the Macau market in the short and long term. LVS has invested 15 billion dollars in Macau, which is the most important land market in the world.

Some benchmarks to consider, Q3 EBITDA represents strong growth relative to previous quarters, as I mentioned. Our business in Macau has far exceeded pre-COVID numbers,” he concluded.