Exclusivo Marcos Coura fala da nova linha de produtos da EightroomVPAG

BiS SiGMA Americas was described by Marcos Coura, from Eightroom/VPAG, as ‘fantastic’ and the result of a special moment that Brazil is going through, referring to regulation.

“It is a thermometer of how the market is today and the type of transformation that is taking place. The realization that we have a giant market alerts not only the players in the segment, but the whole of society”, he highlighted.

The future of Eightroom/VPAG

Asked about the second half of the year, Coura revealed that Eightroom /VPAG, with its decade-long expertise in affiliate marketing and payment services aimed at this market, is preparing for significant advances.

“We are a company that already has a track record in the segment, we are specialists with 10 years of experience in the affiliate sector and payment services focused on this market”, he declared.

The executive also gave clues about the next innovations, stating: “We are in a more mature moment presenting customers with some new features. In the second half of the year, we will launch an innovative range of payment products.”

“Soon, the market will know the names of the products; the concepts are already working, and we are confident for next year with a series of projects in progress. Our studio is four months old and is already launching products”, he concluded.