Lottopar faz novo credenciamento
Imagem: Lottopar / Divulgação

The Paraná State Lottery (Lottopar) announced this Wednesday (15) the opening of a new period for the accreditation application of companies interested in participating in fixed-odd bets.

The process begins on June 3rd and runs until July 3rd. The first phase consists of the proponents expressing interest and sending the documentation required in the notice.

Lottopar can approve or not approve documents sent

After sending the documentation, Lottopar’s Special Accreditation Committee will analyze the documents received. In other words, the company can qualify for the process, but not be approved.

The announcement of qualified companies is scheduled for the second half of July.

Despite being a new opportunity for sports betting companies to participate in accreditation, the rules and provisions remain the same as in the first period.

Thus, everything is specified in Notice 01/2023 – Fixed Quota Bet Accreditation. However, among the conditions already established, the obligation for every authorized operator to be connected to the management platform and payment methods contracted by Lottopar stands out. This measure guarantees safety in operations.

Authorized dealers must present a guarantee in the amount of R$5.8 million, payment of a fixed grant in the amount of R$5 million and a variable grant of 6% of the dealer’s gross revenue (GGR).

Notice establishes that operators must comply with the rules

The inclusion of online games in this new accreditation period complies with the provisions of Federal Law No. 14,790. It concerns the lottery modality of fixed-odd bets on virtual online gaming events.

Therefore, the offer of online games is authorized exclusively in a virtual environment, in the form of a fixed quota. Therefore, the group needs to have clear and visible rules at the time of betting, providing transparency and security to players.

Therefore, Lottopar establishes rules that dealers must comply with when selling online games:

  • Gambling should not be seen as a solution to financial problems
  • The prohibition of advertising that suggests that betting can be an alternative to employment
  • Gambling should not be presented as an additional source of income
  • Betting should not be presented as a financial investment

“We were the first state to accredit testing and certification laboratories, we are the only lottery in Brazil to be associated with three of the largest institutions for responsible gambling and combating the manipulation of sports results in the world”, stated the CEO of Lottopar, Daniel Romanowski.

“For all these reasons, I say that Paraná is the most attractive state for sports betting companies to work in a regulated manner and helping to build a safer, fairer, more reliable and responsible market”, he added.

The complete Notice is available HERE and any questions can be clarified via email: [email protected].