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Volleyball World, the largest volleyball entity in the world, and 1xBet, a betting company, have established a five-year global sponsorship partnership.

This cooperation covers a wide range of volleyball and beach volleyball events, providing the bookmaker with exclusive access to the sports entity’s digital platforms.

1xBet will also be featured in live events, with its brand integrated into some of volleyball’s most prestigious competitions. Among the events covered are the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), the Volleyball World Championships and the World Club Championships.

The agreement also includes beach volleyball tournaments such as the Beach Pro Tour (BPT) and the Beach Volleyball World Championship. Through this strategic partnership, 1xBet intends to expand its international presence, taking advantage of the popularity of the sport.

Potential of the partnership between Volleyball Word and 1xBet

Finn Taylor, CEO of Volleyball World, said: “We are very excited about this pioneering collaboration with 1xBet, which represents the first global volleyball betting sponsorship.

This partnership is a response to the growing popularity of the sport and we are confident that 1xBet’s global reach will help us connect with new audiences, driving volleyball’s commercial growth and further promoting the sport around the world.”

A representative from 1xBet also commented: “This agreement with Volleyball World is an important milestone in our global strategy to support the sport. We are fully committed to promoting volleyball on a global scale and are excited to be part of this exciting journey.

1xBet is pleased to be recognized as an official partner of the organization. A milestone we celebrate during the exciting launch of the Volleyball Nations League on May 14.”

Therefore, this partnership between Volleyball World and 1xBet represents a strategic alliance between two leading organizations in their respective fields.