Foto: Divulgação / Botafogo

Businessman John Textor, known for being the owner of SAF do Botafogo, forwarded a series of new documents and requests to the CPI for Sports Betting in the Senate.

All this material, as well as the first wave of information provided by the American businessman, was delivered under the guarantee of secrecy.

Sources close to the development of the CPI revealed that Textor presented a new range of reports and videos from the company Good Game. The company, specialized in analyzing suspicious behavior during football matches, was hired by the Rio club.

Since the 2023 Brasileirão final, the businessman has been alleging the existence of a results manipulation scheme in Brazil.

According to Textor, this factor would have harmed Botafogo, in the last edition of the competition. The black and white club opened up a 14-point lead at the top and lost the title.

John Textor faces third trial at STJD

The owner of SAF do Botafogo is also about to face his third trial at the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD).

His history in court already includes two previous punishments, including a 45-day suspension and a fine of R$100,000 for statements after the confrontation between Botafogo and Palmeiras in 2023, in addition to another 60-day fine for alleged lack of collaboration with Sports Justice.

This time, the Plenum of the STJD will analyze an Unnamed Measure presented by Palmeiras against the owner of Botafogo. Verdão seeks an injunction to prohibit mentions by Textor following suspicions of manipulation in football.

Thus, the STJD prosecutor’s office rejected Palmeiras’ request, which sought 90-day punishments and fines of R$100,000 each time Textor mentioned the club.

In other words, the Attorney General of the STJD justified his decision by stating that it was “judicially impossible” to prevent Textor from making new mentions of Palmeiras.