Relatório Slotegrator 2024
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Since the beginning of 2024, Slotegrator, a content aggregator and solutions provider, has been analyzing case studies and carrying out careful research. Why did the company choose this development path? What results have been achieved and what can be expected in the future? It’s time to take a look at what 2024 is looking like – and maybe take a peek at 2025.

Main points evaluated by Slotegrator

The group continued to actively showcase its new and updated solutions, such as the company’s turnkey online casino platform and its key modules, including the KYC, BI, and Casino Builder modules, among many others.

Thus, these modules have been strategically designed to simplify online casino management, covering tasks such as big data analysis, risk assessment and improving platform performance.

The modules have proven to be very effective, in part because they satisfy the concrete needs of customers. The main sources of inspiration for these cutting-edge innovations are internal company research and successful customer case studies.

So, according to Slotegrator’s internal research, customers reported that the integration of these updates came at the right time. Customers particularly valued the revamped player targeting module, which offers customization options and personalized marketing options. Furthermore, the anti-fraud module, which uses a color-coded risk scale that allows operators to define risk levels, was also praised.

“This feedback from our customers is an excellent basis for Slotegrator’s future report on future iGaming trends in 2025. We are constantly collecting and updating information about new technologies, game types, payment methods and player behavior. Therefore, the Honest feedback on new upgrade features helps us understand the direction in the future,” commented Yana Khaidukova, Managing Director of Slotegrator.

Main licenses used

Therefore, innovation is essential to keep up with the fast pace of the iGaming sector. In 2024, the Slotegrator team is focused on improving product quality. Another strategy is to publish insightful case studies to better demonstrate product features. To date, the group has published several case studies analyzing the success of its clients.

Here are the two most recent examples:

So when it comes to modern iGaming trends, we’re talking about more integration of VR into eSports, AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency adoption. Additionally, mobile-first gameplay will be a new standard.

The team also noted a growing emphasis on responsible gaming across the iGaming sector. In other words, Slotegrator keeps all of this in mind when entering attractive markets with new partners – especially those in Latin America and Asia.

But what about licenses? Slotegrator recommends staying up to date with licensing conditions. Among the most promising jurisdictions are:

  • Kahnawake.
  • Ilha de Man.
  • Anjouan.

Slotegrator wants to integrate AI into its processes

Faruk Aydin, Chief Revenue Officer at Revpanda, Slotegrator’s media partner, adds to the list of trends a few points about promotion in the iGaming sector, stated: “In the first half of 2024, we saw that human-written content made a huge comeback, thanks to Google’s recent core update.

It has started removing thin, AI-written content from all SERPs, and the SEO community expects this trend to continue. So overall, we can say that the first half of the year strongly demonstrates Google’s effort to fill the SERPs with high-quality, engaging, local and relevant content.”

William Sarto, public relations and marketing specialist at CasinoRIX, stated: “In recent months, Google has undergone several significant changes due to a major update that started in March and ended in April. Then, in early May, they have released another major update.

We’ve seen many affiliate sites affected by this, especially those that overused AI-generated content. But AI has become popular, so it’s important to integrate it into processes based on thorough market analysis and real statistical data.

Furthermore, there is a clear tendency to create projects that offer additional value to players and partners. It’s critical to build a brand, not just a network of websites, and add value to what you create while meeting customers’ needs.

We completely agree with the previous comments that in-depth analysis and tuning in to trends will lead to success and growth. Therefore, as we can see, all the main and well-known projects are growing steadily with these updates”, concluded Sarto.