PayBrokers lança novo simulador
Imagem: PayBrokers / Divulgação

The Automobilista 2 game is a motorsport racing simulator present on the Steam platform and stands out as one of the most played in the world.

Its main focus is on Brazilian content, which includes a series of licensed national races such as Stock Car Brazil and Copa Truck. Automobilista 2 is the most used by drivers to carry out simulations, as it has all the tracks and cars in the world.

Variety of motorsport machines from around the world

It is the official Stock Car game, which features the Curitiba driver Zezinho Muggiati, sponsored by PayBrokers. Therefore, the brand is present on the racer’s car and can be seen by everyone who plays using this vehicle in the simulator.

Substantially expanding the original game’s Brazilian motorsport simulation – now including six of the major categories as official partners – Automobilista 2 offers a unique variety of motorsport machines from around the world.

Therefore, maintaining a commitment to a long-term development cycle, the game receives monthly updates. This ends up bringing a constant stream of new features and improvements, along with new cars and tracks.

PayBrokers has made a large investment in culture and sports in Brazil. For the group, these areas are driving forces that have a positive impact on all the sectors they operate.

Thus, the company reiterates its commitment to fostering growth and excellence in Brazilian sport and culture.

In sports, for example, PayBrokers, in addition to supporting driver Zezinho Muggiati, in Stock Car, is an official sponsor of the Brazilian Football Championship in Series A and B, Copa do Brasil and Copa do Nordeste, in addition to the main state championships in the country. The company also invests in media in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers.

About PayBrokers

The PayBrokers Group provides a complete financial ecosystem for national and international companies to operate in the Brazilian market. So, focusing on compliance policies, as well as risk control, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering tools.

In this way, the group provides speed in transactions, highly stable infrastructure, and financial services focused on the growth of its customers. Furthermore, PayBrokers is constantly innovating to drive the growth of its partners in Brazil.