The podcast ‘Feiras e Negócios’ launched last Thursday, 7th, addressed the universe of casino games and online betting with Alessandro Valente, one of the big names in this scenario.

With a solid career in the segment, Valente shared details about the BiS SiGMA Américas and BetExpo events. After all, he gained recognition in the betting world, leaving his mark from his contributions to global operations to the founding of Super Afiliados in 2006.

Super Afiliados has risen to become one of the main references in the iGaming affiliation sector. Therefore, his visionary role was essential in driving the company’s growth and success, establishing new standards of excellence and innovation.

Alongside Alessandro Valente, Carlos Cardama also participated in the program. With extensive industry experience, Cardama plays a crucial role in the development and expansion of the gaming industry by offering expert insights and analysis.

Details of the interview with Alessandro Valente

Alessandro Valente detailed the relevance of the BIS SiGMA Américas and BetExpo events. “BetExpo brings a B2C footprint, with bettors, influencers and affiliates. It’s a wider range of people, a more mass thing” he explained.

“While BiS is much more in relation to B2B, relationship with the government. So we always have lectures and seminars with personalities and figures from the government. So, being executive, legislative, in short, the people who really need to understand the market and do a good job in Brasília.”

The podcast lasted more than an hour, providing valuable information such as confirming the presence of members of the current government, lottery heads and directors, influencers, high-performance athletes and former athletes at BiS in April.