Foto: Edilson Rodrigues/Agência Senado

Senator Jorge Kajuru reiterated his request to the President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, to obtain access to the information collected by the CPI on Manipulation of Results.

This new phase of the investigation began after Lira refused to share confidential data obtained by the House during the commission’s work last year.

Lira argued that the CPI had committed to keeping the most confidential documents confidential. He also stated that the lack of hierarchy between the Chamber and the Senate prevents requests from being made under the terms proposed by the Senate.

However, Kajuru did not give up. In his most recent attempt, he explained that he was not making a “request“, but rather a “respectful request for collaboration” between the two Houses.

Arthur Lira, president of the Chamber of Deputies – Photo: Pedro França/Agência Senado

The president of the CPI of Betting in the Senate argues that there is no impediment to the provision of information. This information can support and promote discussion between parliamentarians and experts specifically designated to analyze the information collected.

Kajuru declared: “We reiterate, through this document, that the aforementioned Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry does not aim to superimpose or re-examine what was done by the Chamber of Deputies, and here this commitment is signed on the part of this President, but only the horizontalization of information, advancing towards the best results for Brazilian society”.

CPI of Betting in the Senate has already heard representatives of the CBF

It is worth noting that one of the preponderant factors for the start of the CPI in the Senate was the owner of Botafogo, John Textor. This is because the businessman made a series of allegations of alleged manipulation in Brazilian football based on a dossier.

Textor was one of the CPI’s first guests. However, representatives of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) were also interviewed recently and stated that the entity works to preserve sporting integrity. And, if they receive any serious complaints, they will forward them to the competent authorities for investigation.

Thus, work in the Senate can last up to six months.