Brazilian Lounge Podcast traz Luciana Hendrich como convidada

The seventh episode of the Brazilian Lounge Podcast welcomes Luciana Hendrich as a special guest.

Previous episodes featured the presence of several Brazilian igaming personalities.

Names such as André Gelfi, Leonardo Baptista, Luiz Felipe Maia, among others, were present on the Brazilian Lounge Podcast.

Luciana Hendrich is a lawyer and talks in this episode about her work related to the iGaming world.

She studied Journalism, Marketing and Administration, but found her calling in Law.

Today Luciana is a partner at Hendrich Advogados and founder of Hendrich Digital Content.

Both are in Rio de Janeiro. She shares a journey that led her to the world of Law and, later, to founding her own digital content company.

Today, she runs Hendrich Digital Content, with a wide range of personalized services for her clients;

In this episode of the Brazilian Lounge Podcast, she details how her company developed a payout to complement its services, offering solutions adapted to the specific needs of its clients.

Furthermore, Luciana discusses the current situation in Brazil in relation to iGaming regulation and the impacts that this regulation may have on the market.

About the Brazilian Lounge Podcast

The Brazilian Lounge podcast was created in August 2023 and features presentations by Ricardo Magri (Director of Brazilian Lounge), Alessandro Valente (co-founder of Brazilian Lounge) and Witoldo Hendrich Junior (co-founder of Hendrich Advogados / Online IPS).

Therefore, the Brazilian Lounge explores the topics that have the greatest impact on the gaming and betting industry in Brazil on a weekly basis.

With Flávio Figueiredo (CEO of iGaming Group), the Top 7 news is sponsored by the betting house Bet7k.

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