Sportradar e DerbyWheel fecham parceria de três anos

DerbyWheel, (DW), a new global concept from Professional Keirin, has announced a three-year partnership with leading sports technology company, Sportradar. The agreement involves integrity services to help protect its competitions.

DerbyWheel will bring the exciting sport of Keirin racing to a global audience, having previously been a closed domestic company in Japan and Korea.

In Japan, Keirin is all about sports betting. Being one of the five sports that are legal to bet on and operates as a successful sports betting business.

Thus, the DerbyWheel business model will focus on content distribution to provide live feeds and data to licensors for sports betting purposes supported by DW’s other commercial event revenues.

Currently, Keirin is the best-known track cycling event in Japan and Korea. The sport pits the best sprinters in the world against each other.

Contribution from Sportradar

Sportradar will assist DerbyWheel with the sporting integrity side of the event, seeking to ensure the highest levels of fair play and protect DerbyWheel from threats such as match fixing, doping and other fraud.

With deep relationships and industry experience, Sportradar will provide betting monitoring through its team of experts using the company’s proven Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS).

In addition, Sportradar will also provide intelligence and investigation, integrity auditing, and education and prevention services for professional DerbyWheel drivers.

James Pope, CEO of DerbyWheel said: “Sportradar has the credentials to operate the best range of solutions for the sports, media and betting industries. Therefore, we are extremely proud to partner with them.”

“Operating at the gold standard level from the beginning is of enormous importance to us. Our partnership with Sportradar shows our commitment to integrity and ensuring that DerbyWheel events deliver high quality sport at the height of fair play,” he added.

Sportradar Executive Vice President Integrity Services Andreas Krannich added: “As Keirin Racing’s new global event, Derby Wheel sets high standards from the start. And, it shows that it is firmly dedicated to providing a clean and fair sport to its fans.

The formation of this partnership implements robust measures to mitigate any integrity threats that may arise.

At Sportradar, we are fully committed to supporting our partners’ integrity operations and look forward to supporting DerbyWheel for years to come,” concluded Krannich.

About DerbyWheel

The DerbyWheel (DW) is a new global sporting event from Pro Keirin Racing focusing on the globalization of the historic Professional Keirin Track Cycle Racing. Today, it is organized largely as a closed domestic company in Japan and Korea.

Therefore, the first season will be officially released in 2024.