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In a scenario where the majority of the population still does not invest, online betting is consolidated as the most popular activity, even surpassing investments on the Stock Exchange in Brazil.

According to research by the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (Anbima), around 22 million Brazilians, which corresponds to approximately 14% of the population, placed at least one online bet in 2023.

This number represents seven times more than the number of Brazilians who invested in shares in the same period.

But why has online betting become so popular?

  • Quick wins and high returns: The main motivation for online betting is the chance to earn money quickly and with a high return. This attractiveness is even greater in times of financial need, when 40% of bettors seek this alternative.
  • Fun and excitement: In addition to the chance of winning, online betting also offers fun (26%) and the excitement of betting (25%), becoming a form of entertainment for many Brazilians.
  • Accessibility: The opportunity to bet small amounts (20%) and the ease of using apps (11%) also contribute to the popularity of online betting, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Who are online bettors?

Anbima’s research profiles online bettors in Brazil, revealing that:

  • Men (19%) are more likely to bet than women (10%).
  • Investors (16%) are also part of the public that bets online, seeking to diversify their applications.
  • Classes A/B (17%) lead in taking up betting, followed by classes C (15%) and D (10%).
  • The age group with the highest prevalence of online bettors is 16 to 27 years old (29%), followed by 28 to 42 years old (18%), 43 to 62 years old (6%) and 63 years old and over (4%).

nvestment alternatives besides online betting

For those looking for investment alternatives with lower risk and long-term return potential, the research highlights other options available on the market, such as:

  • Investment funds: Diversification and professional resource management.
  • Fixed income: Predictable income and lower risk.
  • Stocks: High return potential, but with greater risk.

According to the study, online betting can be considered a form of entertainment and even a source of income for the population.

But it is crucial to be cautious and responsible. After all, this activity is exclusive to people over 18 years of age in the national territory.