Reals faz promoção com Rodrigo Faro
Imagem: Reals / Divulgação

Reals, voted the best sports betting company of 2024 by the SiGMA Awards, has two unmissable promotions. With Rodrigo Faro as its poster boy, the company promises to distribute R$200,000 in prizes.

Take the train and win prizes

To compete for R$100,000, simply board the Reals themed train that runs along the CPTM Emerald line, in São Paulo. Then, inside the train, make a video in your story and tag on Instagram. There is no limit on videos per participant.

But it’s not just that way, you can earn by looking at Reals advertisements. Whether on TV, billboards, street clocks or subway stations, when you see the name Reals, tag in stories.

The first prize of R$50,000 goes to whoever brands the company in TV commercials. Another prize will be given to those who register other forms of advertising.

To participate, follow on Instagram, keep your profile open for 24 hours after publishing the story and deposit R$10 on the platform. Anyone who has already deposited the amount can also participate.

Rafael Borges, Country Manager at Reals, explains: “Our goal is to develop more and more actions that bring us closer to people.”

“We want to create a closer connection with bettors and, at the same time, give them gifts. It’s a way of thanking them for the trust they place in our company every day”, he adds.

About Reals

Reals is a sports betting company that began operations in Brazil in 2022. Since then, it has experienced exponential growth. In 2023, SiGMA World, the leading global authority on casino gaming and online betting, awarded Reals the “Rising Star of the Year” award.

Therefore, the company values ​​security and strives to provide a dynamic experience to its users. Thus, the company stands out for allowing almost instantaneous withdrawals through Pix.

Reals has a qualified team currently available 24 hours a day and offers odds for thousands of sporting and entertainment events, as well as having a wide variety of casino games.