The iGaming market brings a variety of great profitable opportunities for affiliates. However, whether you are a beginner or an affiliate with experience in iGaming, breaking this territory can be challenging, especially when it comes to obtaining qualified traffic, which will bring a good ROI.

That’s where the expertise of Adsterra, a respected global ad network, with over 10 years in the market, stands out, offering valuable insights to maximize your conversions and obtain exceptional results in this iGaming industry.

If you’re looking to solidify your affiliate presence in the world of iGaming, this comprehensive guide is your essential resource.

What should the iGaming affiliate focus on?

To prosper as an iGaming affiliate, it is crucial to focus on fundamental elements to ensure success and a good ROI in the vertical. In the midst of so many strategies and “shortcuts” promoted by different gurus, it is essential to highlight three essential pillars for solid growth in the iGaming affiliation market:

  1. Establish solid relationships with trusted sources to stay constantly updated.
  2. Defend the reputation of partners and promoted products, ensuring quality and integrity.
  3. Build and strengthen trust with partners and customers, resolving any questions or concerns that may arise.

Without these three well-constructed pillars, payment model strategies or choice of traffic sources run the risk of failing and not achieving the desired results.

iGaming Affiliate: 5 tips for your success

1 – Be Seen

In a scenario where attractive designs go beyond traditional banners, it is essential to recognize that iGaming affiliates and advertisers are immersed in the dynamics of the internet.

They are experienced and have already been exposed to a multitude of advertisements, easily identifying promotional attempts. The key is to take a subtle, integrated approach, just like fluid transitions in your favorite YouTube videos.

Prioritizing proximity to the user is crucial: push notifications and private chats have the potential to generate significant clicks and, consequently, significant conversions.

2 – Work on your reputation

Recommendations are a strong indicator of the trust the public has in a particular product or service. Partnering with a respected influencer not only increases your product’s visibility in the iGaming market, but also promotes loyalty among your target audience.

Use reviews, reports of positive experiences and other resources to further strengthen this relationship of trust with your consumers.

3 – Pay attention to the Tier

The Tier level plays a crucial role in defining the strategy to be adopted. For example, Tier 1 (e.g. USA, Canada, United Kingdom), is characterized by a constant search for adrenaline and excitement; its members are always interested in new and promising innovations.

On the other hand, Tier 3 (e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico) generally takes a different approach: its participants are not just looking for entertainment, but rather opportunities that reward their hard work and help them advance.

4 – Maintain visual coherence

When developing your campaigns, it is crucial to stay user-focused, ensuring they are attractive and intuitive from the start. All elements must be consistent and complementary in terms of style.

For example, if your landing page follows a minimalist style, creative elements should avoid a vector-heavy aesthetic so as not to overwhelm or confuse users.

5 – Be true

Any form of deception or insinuation can damage your reputation and undermine your chances of generating revenue in the future, especially in an industry like iGaming where trust is essential and challenges in this regard are common.

How is Adsterra essential for iGaming affiliates?

If you want to avoid common pitfalls from the start, the best strategy is to collaborate with a proven and trustworthy ad network. There are several options on the market, and we wholeheartedly recommend Adsterra as an ideal partner for affiliates at all levels.

With over a decade of experience in pragmatic media, Adsterra has helped advertisers achieve their KPIs and achieve incredible ROIs. With innovative and high-converting ad formats, combined with an iGaming-friendly vertical policy, Adsterra generates a large number of ad views and billions of conversions annually.

Furthermore, the platform offers exclusive tools that help affiliates to strategically and efficiently optimize and invest their campaign budget. Its exclusive partner care program guarantees a dedicated account manager to assist with iGaming campaigns.

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How to improve your iGaming conversion rates with Adsterra?

When it comes to improving conversion rates, every detail is key. Adsterra optimization experts provide a comprehensive list of recommendations to boost conversions.

On this journey to improve results in iGaming ads, it is essential to understand the challenges and explore effective strategies.

Adsterra stands out as an ad network that prioritizes exclusive care for partners. Advertisers have access to dedicated account managers and experts in the iGaming vertical, ready to assist them at every stage of their campaigns. Find out more by clicking here.

Let’s look at some of the top strategies to boost your conversion rates and achieve the success you want in the world of iGaming.

  • Before starting: it is crucial to prepare all the necessary materials, such as landing pages, images, slogans, among others. Carefully review all the key benefits, refine your strategy and choose between CPM for lengthy conversion processes (such as deposits, double deposits, submitting credit card information, etc.) and CPA for faster conversion processes (such as signups, confirmations, tests, installations, no-deposit logins, etc.). Remember that results can take time to appear, especially for complex conversions, and don’t underestimate the importance of pre-landing pages.
  • Testing is essential: Start with Popunders as they combine cost efficiencies without the need for elaborate creative and can generate up to 2 billion impressions per week. Native Ads are also an excellent option. Opt for a minimum bid and set broad goals, avoiding over-optimization at this stage. Also, avoid multi-geo campaigns in the beginning and start with clean, unfiltered traffic for each region. Don’t forget to include tracking tags (#PLACEMENT_ID) in your landing page URL.
  • Optimization and Acceleration are crucial: Closely monitor your spending. Identify and reduce bids on excessively expensive traffic sources if necessary. Explore non-traditional platforms for promotion, such as streaming video, anime, and more. Evaluate all ad formats that may be suitable to recover lost traffic. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Adsterra managers!