Loterj edital de credenciamento
Imagem: Loterj / Divulgação

The State of Rio de Janeiro, through Loterj, has just reopened a notice for the accreditation of companies specializing in lotteries. The objective is precisely to develop and operate lottery services for up to five years.

The notice establishes criteria for the commercial exploitation of Fixed Odds Sports Betting, related to real sporting events.

Loterj approves Rio Games

In any case, the accreditation of bookmakers continues in full swing. The fifth licensed company is Casa de Aposta Rio Jogos and will now be able to operate sports betting and online games.

The CEO of Rio Jogo, João Victor de Araújo Souza, said: “I would like to thank you for the opportunity and congratulate the entire Literj team for the brilliant initiative of putting into practice the accreditation of sports betting and online games in Brazil.”

“We believe in a regulated gaming market and its legality. We know the responsibilities and duties assigned to us in the contract and we affirm that we are fully prepared for the success of the project”, he added.

Loterj’s Accreditation Term was signed on April 26th and the authorization for Rio Jogo’s operation was published in the Official Gazette of the State of Rio de Janeiro on April 29th. With the Rio Games credential, the Rio de Janeiro Lottery offers consumers another reliable option for sports betting.


But not everything is so good. This is because Loterj faces some controversies involving the Union and authorities from other states. Lottopar (Paraná Lottery), which has already given approval to five bookmakers in the state, is now seeking to block Loterj from continuing its sports betting operations throughout Brazil.

According to Lottopar, Loterj is exceeding territorial limits, as its operations do not only take place in Rio de Janeiro. This led to a lawsuit, but it has not yet been judged.