Empresa contratada por John Textor indica gol irregular na vitória do Botafogo
Foto: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

In Botafogo‘s recent victory over Flamengo, a controversial move marked the game. Glorioso’s second goal, scored in the final stretch, generated complaints from the red and black team, in the match valid for the Brazilian Championship.

The claim? A supposed foul on Fabrício Bruno, a player from Flamengo.

Botafogo goal would have to be disallowed

Good Game!, hired by John Textor to monitor the classic’s moves in real time, pointed out an irregularity in the goal.

According to the report, Diego Hernández would have unbalanced Fabrício Bruno during the steal of the ball. Therefore, the company assesses that the foul should have been marked in favor of Flamengo.

The report details: “Contact between the Botafogo player’s right leg and the Flamengo player’s left leg, causing the imbalance and no contact with the ball. Valid foul not whistled. Irregular goal accepted.”

Reports from “Good Game!” are the basis for the accusations of match-fixing in Brazilian football made by John Textor, owner of Botafogo. However, PC Oliveira, refereeing commentator for Seleção SporTV, considered the move legal.

Oliveira argued: “I understand it as contact in the game. But I don’t see enough impact for Fabrício Bruno to fall. Hernández is close to Fabrício Bruno, who, at the slightest contact, throws himself. It’s that suggestion thing.”

“That’s not Fabrício Bruno, it’s all defenders who have this characteristic of suggesting a foul. Because it’s much more comfortable to score a foul in the attacking field against the attacker than against the defender”, he added.

But in addition to Fabrício Bruno, striker Bruno Henrique also complained about the refereeing in an interview.

In an audio released by the CBF, Raphael Claus, the field referee, and Rodolpho Toski Marques, the video referee, agreed. In other words, they believe that the player felt the contact and tried to force the foul to be taken.

CPI in the Senate

However, it is worth highlighting that Textor‘s accusations resulted in the opening of a CPI in the Senate. The owner of Botafogo was the first to give a statement, while directors of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) were heard last Monday (29).