Ortak e BetConstruct

BetConstruct is pleased to announce that the B.F.T.H. Arena Awards 2024, in collaboration with Ortak, is ready to set a new standard in the iGaming sector.

This prestigious event will showcase innovative gaming solutions and welcome leading names in the industry, including Platin Gaming, Evoplay and Espresso Gaming, ensuring an exciting lineup of new games and significant developments.

While the event also marks the approach of the May 31 registration deadline, setting the stage for a competitive and vibrant showcase.

Integration with Ortak

This year, all games entered in the B.F.T.H. Arena Awards automatically become part of the Ortak platform. Ortak represents an innovative shift in the iGaming market, offering an innovative investment product that allows game creators to sell shares of their games as NFT-slots.

Additionally, shares can be freely traded at self-determined quantities and prices, similar to an initial public offering (IPO) for games.

How does Ortak work?

Casino game developers can currently list their games on the Ortak platform, making slots available for public purchase. In other words, this allows investors to buy shares, securities registered on the Bahamut blockchain, and become shareholders in their favorite games.

This model not only provides a new revenue stream for developers, but also opens up unique investment opportunities for the gaming community. Ortak serves both established game providers and emerging industry stars.

For veteran developers, it provides a platform to reach new audiences and increase player engagement. For newcomers, it presents a viable financial strategy for financing large marketing campaigns and operations, helping them gain traction and scale quickly.

What to expect from B.F.T.H. Arena Awards 2024

Scheduled from July 1st to 4th, the B.F.T.H. Arena Awards’24 will feature an expanded lineup of categories and a substantial prize pool of over 3,333,000 FTN, aiming to showcase the best games of 2024.

With participation from leading operators, this year’s event promises to be a dynamic showcase of creativity and innovation, showcasing new and innovative games from some of the industry’s most influential developers.

Building on last year’s success, which saw over 50 game developers participate, the awards will continue throughout Harmony Meetup 4.0, attracting over 500 industry representatives to highlight and celebrate the winners.

This year’s competition includes a wider range of categories, including new ones: Best Online Casino Game, Best Game Design, Best FTN Casino Game, Best Game Narrative, Best Bahamut Game, Best DECA Game, Best Arcade Game, Best Game Realization. Additionally, any game with a demo available will be eligible for public voting in the Players’ Choice Game category.

This year, BetConstruct is dedicated to enhancing that legacy by increasing the prize pool, expanding the prize categories and holding a grand ceremony to celebrate the innovation and achievements of the gaming community.

Promoting winning games

The winning titles of the B.F.T.H. Arena Awards receive comprehensive promotional support utilizing advanced CRM tools such as the Wonder Wheel and personalized promotions.

With the support of a global network of influencers from Latin America to Asia, this strategic marketing effort is designed to significantly increase the games’ visibility and, in turn, increase its revenue.

Thus, by exploring diverse markets and connecting with a broad audience, the event ensures that each winning game achieves maximum exposure.

Looking to the future

More innovative updates are expected to be released in June, enhancing the Ortak platform and granting more opportunities for engagement and investment in the iGaming sector.

Therefore, the core of B.F.T.H. This year’s Arena Awards is the belief that innovation drives excellence. BetConstruct is dedicated to consistently pushing the boundaries of the iGaming industry.

Through B.F.T.H. Arena Awards and the Ortak initiative, the company is creating an environment where barriers are overcome, paving the way for significant advances and showcasing a future shaped by each innovation.