Segundo pesquisa, 15% dos torcedores brasileiros já fizeram apostas esportivas
Foto: lucas Merçon / Fluminense

Sports betting is gaining more and more space in Brazil. According to the CNN/Itatiaia/Quaest “Biggest X-Ray of the Fan” survey, 15% of respondents have already placed online sports bets. And this number tends to increase, especially among younger people.

Sports betting declines with age

Among fans aged 16 to 30, 25% have already bet. In the age group of 31 to 50 years, the percentage drops to 16%. But for those aged 51 and over, only 7% have ventured into online betting.

So, there is also a significant difference when we analyze the gender of bettors. Among men, 22% have already placed their bets, while only 9% of women said the same.

Surprisingly, the financial situation does not seem to be a major obstacle to placing sports bets. In other words, even among those who earn up to two minimum wages, 13% have already bet.

This number rises to 16% among those who receive two to five minimum wages and to 17% among those who receive five minimum wages or more.

However, recent controversies involving sports betting sites seem to have affected fans’ opinions about the presence of these companies in sports. In 2023, 66% of those interviewed did not see a problem with this relationship. But in 2024, that number dropped to 59%.

Younger people, on the other hand, are more in favor of sponsorships from sports betting sites. Thus, among respondents aged 16 to 30, 67% are in favor, compared to 59% of those aged between 31 and 50 and 49% of those aged 51 or over.

Sports betting consumer profile
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Thus, the research “The Greatest Fan X-Ray” interviewed a total of 6,373 people, including 5,023 in-depth interviews with fans from 278 cities and 714 young people aged 7 to 15.

Between April 27th and May 1st, 2024, data was collected. The interviews were carried out in person, using well-structured questionnaires. The estimated margin of error is 1.4%, with a reliability level of 95%.