Between May 13th and 15th, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, more than 150 participants gathered for the 8th Ibero-American Games Summit. Lottopar was present at this event.

The sector’s main representatives discussed the situation of the gaming industry in Latin America. They also discussed regulatory challenges driven by technological advancement and the experience of different countries in this region.

At the end of the event, 150 delegates from regulatory bodies from ten countries discussed Safe Gaming and Responsible Gaming policies in Latin America.

President of Lottopar and other executives make their statements

Regulators from the ten countries present reaffirmed their commitment to promoting and strengthening communication between all players in the sector. They also analyzed the current situation in the industry and shared ideas and experiences to strengthen relationships between gaming companies and government entities.

For Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, the meeting was essential to reinforce the regulated lottery market. Furthermore, it promoted the exchange of experiences and information between the main markets in Latin America.

“In these three days it became very clear that the regulated market is the way for operators to expand their businesses, but within certain rules and regulations that bring security to everyone.

In a regulated market, we offer legal security for those who want to invest and, on the other hand, we provide tools that protect bettors, making this entertainment healthier and safer”, he stated.

Romanowski also emphasized that “the lottery market should not continue to be stigmatized. Because authorized operators in Paraná, with the regulation and supervision of Lottopar, help to boost the economy with job creation, innovation and technological development and with social returns for the entire population”.

Marcó Emilio Hincapié, president of Coljuegos and Colombian regulator, highlighted: “During the Summit, we sought to strengthen regional work through the creation of a Latin American Commission of Regulators.

Thus, with the aim of advancing regulation, taking into account both the regulatory particularities of each country and the challenges faced by the industry. Likewise, we take advantage of this important meeting to propose the creation of an Ibero-American Lottery”.