Loteria de Campinas é aprovada
Imagem: Câmara Municipal de Campinas / Divulgação

Last Monday night (20), the Campinas Chamber unanimously approved the creation of the Campinas Municipal Lottery (Locamp).

The Finance Secretariat will manage the proposal that Mayor Dário Saadi is about to sanction. The new lottery may operate directly or through concession, permission or authorization.

Lottery will be an important source of resources

Locamp operators will be responsible for defining the values ​​of bets, numbered tickets, scratch-off cards and other lottery products, in addition to prizes.

“Municipal lotteries, made possible by federal law, are an important source of resources for cities”, highlights councilor Fernando Mendes (Republicans), deputy leader of the government in the Chamber.

Therefore, the funds raised from the sale of the lottery, after the prizes have been discounted, will be allocated to the municipal departments:

  • Development and Social Assistance
  • of Sports and Leisure
  • of Culture and Tourism

Councilor Jair da Farmácia (Solidarity) inspired the Bill, withdrawing his own proposal to make room for that of the City Hall. “Due to the type of project, it had to come from the Executive, but the original idea was preserved”, says Jair da Farmácia.

He points out that, with fewer people playing than in a Mega-Sena, for example, the chances of winning the city’s lottery are greater. Furthermore, the amounts raised will help the population of Campinas.

A project related to football received votes in the same session. The first, approved unanimously, was authored by councilor Jair da Farmácia and establishes the “Vini Jr. Policy for Combating Racism in Stadiums and Sports Arenas”.

Thus, the proposal aims to combat racism in sports stadiums and arenas, transforming them into welcoming spaces for the entire sports community.

The policy is named after the Brazilian athlete Vinicius José Paixão de Oliveira Junior, left winger for Real Madrid. This is because the player has already been a victim of racism on several occasions in matches in Europe.

Approval Summary

APPROVED. 2nd discussion and vote on Complementary Bill No. 1/24, Process No. 240.183, authored by the Municipal Mayor, with amendments, which “provides for the creation of the public lottery service in the municipality of Campinas, called Loteria de Campinas – LOCAMP”.

Opinions from the Constitution and Legality Committee, the Public Administration Committee, the Urban Policy Committee, the Economy and Consumer Rights Defense Committee and the Finance and Budget Committee: favorable to the project and amendments. Therefore, it will be up to the Finance Department to establish betting values, prizes and products that will be sold.