Arthur Lira nega informações ao Senado
Imagem: Câmara dos Deputados / Divulgação

With regard to sports betting, Arthur Lira, president of the Chamber of Deputies, was involved in a recent controversy.

He denied sharing confidential data obtained by the CPI on Sports Betting with the CPI on Result Manipulations and Sports Betting, from the Senate.

Thus, the refusal was communicated to the president of the CPI, senator Jorge Kajuru.

Arthur Lira states that the Chamber is not subject to the Senate

Arthur Lira argued that the Chamber is not subject to the Senate and that it is not up to the CPI to make requests directly to the president of the Chamber. According to him, the Chamber and Senate occupy the same position in the constitutional system, with no hierarchy between the Houses.

Furthermore, Arthur Lira highlighted that the CPI held in the Chamber the previous year had already committed to maintaining the reserve of documents, which contain individual justifications for secrecy.

Therefore, the delivery of these documents, according to the President of the House, could violate the decreed secrecy and would not necessarily meet the purpose of the CPI.

CBF representatives are heard at the Senate CPI

Directors of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) stated that the entity is open to hearing the complaints from Botafogo owner, John Textor. Textor was heard by the CPI on April 22.

Meanwhile, the Integrity officer, Eduardo Gussem, and the CBF Competitions director, Júlio Avellar, spoke last Monday (29).

“At this moment, we are very much in the field of abstract and non-concrete statements and conclusions. The CBF is paying attention. If any serious news reaches the CBF, it will be sent immediately to the Courts, the Federal Police and the CPI”, declared Gussem.