On March 1, Grêmio announced a new sponsorship contract on its social networks. The club’s newest partner is Esportes da Sorte, a sports betting house based in Brazil.

When announcing the deal, the club made reference to the glorious pages of its history. Accompanied by a promotional video, Grêmio highlighted elements such as courage that helped build its identity as a team.

Officially, none of those involved disclosed the values ​​of the partnership. However, according to information released by journalist Fabíola Thiele and confirmed by Futebol Latino/LANCE!, Esportes da Sorte would be paying R$ 25 million annually as sponsorship.

Grêmio announced the new partnership on the same day it had an important appointment in the season. In the first phase of the Copa do Brasil, Renato Portaluppi’s team made its debut in the tournament against Campinense.

Due to financial issues, the team from Paraíba sent the match to Estádio Mané Garrincha, in Brasília. Tricolor Gaúcho won by 2 to 0 and guaranteed classification in the next phase of the national competition.

About Esportes da Sorte

Esportes da Sorte is one of the bookmakers that grew the most between 2022 and 2023. In addition, the company already invests in entertainment through partnerships with actor and digital influencer Carlinhos Maia, surfer Pedro Scooby, influencer Virginia and singer Zé Felipe.

In the world of football, Esportes da Sorte sponsors eight clubs, including ABC, América-RN, Bahia, Goiás, Novorizontino, Guarani-SP, Vila Nova-GO and Londrina. Some athletes, such as Matheus Cunha and João Gomes from Wolverhampton-ING, and Rodinei from Olympiacos-GRE, are also brand ambassadors.

The company also sponsors the Flamengo eSports team and has recently established a partnership with Copa São Paulo, Campeonato Paulista and Gaúcho Série A2. Recently, the bookmaker was also able to sponsor FIFA competitions on Cazé TV, hosted by youtuber Casimiro Miguel.

The brand has commercials and advertises on sports channels, such as SporTV, also from Globo. The company is also a partner of some important events, including Carnival in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Salvador and Recife. In 2023, the platform became the official sponsor of Big Brother Brasil.