If you are after a good advertising network to diversify your iGaming traffic sources and get incredible ROI, you need to check out this case study.

Let’s take a look together at a case study involving Adsterra’s iGaming traffic, brought to light by affiliate marketing expert, KJ Rocker.

In this presentation, he will reveal the strategy behind a surprisingly high ROI, reaching the 360% mark. All of this was achieved through his skills, which he will expound on here, and the linking of Adsterra‘s abundant traffic with Yellana’s enticing iGaming offering.

“I decided to collaborate with Adsterra on this specific campaign due to their proven track record of generating a large volume of traffic for iGaming offers.”

Offer Summary

Below, we will summarize the offer that was the key point behind the high ROI achieved by KJ Rocker before diving into the details of the case:

  • Offer Name: Play Regal CPL SO
  • CPA Network: Yellana
  • Traffic Source: Adsterra
  • CAP: 25–30 leads per day
  • CPL: 14 USD
  • KPI: active users
  • Landing Page: Direct Link
  • Country: France

In 2021, Play Regal arrived on the international iGaming scene with an attractive proposal: a platform full of breathtaking live games. Accessible from any device – be it a smartphone or a conventional computer – this platform offers an unparalleled online gaming experience.

Now, let’s let our expert tell you exactly what he did to achieve this feat.


Today, I’m excited to share my journey of how I achieved a surprisingly high return on investment by acquiring quality traffic through the Adsterra ad network and connecting it with an irresistible offer I got by partnering with Yellana.

I want to make one thing clear from the beginning: when I started this campaign, I never imagined achieving a 360% ROI. In fact, I didn’t even bother analyzing the statistics, expecting moderate but consistent gains from using the In-Page Push traffic option.

Additionally, I patiently waited for approval before I started driving conversions and came up with a plan to handle bounced leads, adjusting as needed. However, to my surprise, the campaign was quickly approved. I was about to receive a big surprise.

Charting the Path to a High ROI

I decided to collaborate with Adsterra on this specific campaign due to their proven track record of generating a large volume of traffic for iGaming offers.

Adsterra’s unique advertising layouts, especially the In-page push and Social Bar ad formats, stand out among other advertising networks, consistently achieving higher click-through rates (CTRs).

These ad layouts, exclusive to Adsterra, also increase the appeal of creative content to the target audience. I had previous experience working with Adsterra and had an active account with basic settings established when I started this campaign.

For those who are taking their first steps and want to know more about how Adsterra works, all the answers can be found by clicking here.

The Basics Well Done

To set up and launch my campaign, I selected the “Create a campaign” option. On the next screen, as evidenced in the screenshot below, I set the category to “Main” for the desired traffic type, chose “All Traffic” under the “Connection Type” button, and added the link to my landing page.

In the next setup, as illustrated in the screenshot below, I chose France as the GEO, opted for CPA as the pricing model, and set $2 per CPA (remember to click “Add” after selecting a GEO). Additionally, I decided on the “In-Page push” format and selected the “Social Bar” skin style, which has a creative look similar to Facebook.

The next step was to define the budget. Considering this was my first campaign, I kept my testing budget at $50, suggesting beginners not exceed this amount.

For those who want the campaign to begin immediately upon approval, simply select the “Start” option below the “After Verification” sign. However, I chose to leave it inactive so that I could manually activate it after approval.

I left the targeting options unspecified to ensure my campaign was exposed to a wide range of views. By lowering the frequency cap to one impression every 24 hours, my goal was to maximize the number of new views from different visitors, rather than repeatedly reaching out to the same ones.

While this approach may result in a lower total view volume, it tends to increase conversion rates. For testing purposes, I set my budget at $50

After adjusting everything, the last step was to start the campaign offer and monitor the results!

Selecting a Creative

I started with a single creative example for each ad format and a landing page. Below are the creative types I used:

As I am not fluent in French, I decided not to select any more creatives. This way, I only kept these two for my campaign, which allowed me to better focus on further optimizing the campaign.

Optimizing goals by channels

When considering distribution channels for my campaign, I started by targeting different operating systems, including Android, Mac OS, and Windows.

Based on previous experiments, I found that Android 10.0 was the main driver of high ROI. Therefore, I chose this version, along with other profitable ones, for my campaign, discarding less effective options.

Furthermore, I noticed that the majority of visitors accessed the platform via the Chrome browser. Therefore, I chose to target the most recent versions of Chrome, avoiding those older than 111. This strategy ended up bringing good results throughout the day.

Surprisingly, I noticed that the campaign started generating a high return soon after adjusting the settings and deselecting specific operating systems and browsers. The offer was attracting so many visitors that I didn’t need to make any more effort to make it work!

Analyzing the Result: Weekly and Daily Statistics

I thoroughly analyzed my campaign statistics, looking at both weekly and daily data. Here’s what I discovered:

Performance by Day of the Week:

  • During the campaign, Wednesday stood out as the most promising day, recording the highest number of clicks (940). Then Sunday came in second place (859), followed by Friday (925).
  • Additionally, I observed that Wednesdays were responsible for the highest number of conversions (19), while Mondays had the lowest performance, with just one conversion throughout the entire day.
  • Conversion rates varied depending on the day of the week, with Thursday performing best, achieving a 1.5% conversion rate, while Monday was at the bottom of the list at just 0.83%.

Performance per Hour:

  • During the campaign, clicks peaked at 9am (451), followed by 10am (532) and 11am (463).
  • The highest conversion rate (3.73%) was recorded between 1pm and 2pm, with a total of 10 conversions.
  • The conversion rate varied throughout the day, reaching its lowest point (1.98%) at 1am and its highest peak (3.73%) at 1pm.

Key Lessons Learned:

  • The campaign generated 94 conversions and 4585 clicks, with an overall conversion rate of 2.05%.
  • Wednesday and Sunday stood out as the best days, both in clicks and conversions.
  • 9 and 10 am recorded the highest number of clicks, while 1 pm had the highest conversion rate.
  • Total campaign revenue was $1316, with advertising spend totaling $286.1
  • Net profit reached $1029.9.

Take a closer look at these statistics. Thanks to Adsterra’s abundant traffic, my campaign views turned into leads, generating $14 from Yellana for each lead generated! Yellana offers individual pay rates for webmasters who bring high-quality traffic.

Now it’s up to you:

The partnership between KJ Rocker, Adsterra and Yellana has resulted in an impressive ROI. We hope the success of this story inspires others to embark on the CPA marketing path with Adsterra and Yellana!

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