Today we celebrate Brazilian history and culture. 522 years ago, Pedro Álvares Cabral arrived in Brazilian lands, beginning an incredible journey and revealing the riches of this people to the whole world.

Inspired by exploring new horizons and traffic sources, Adsterra has established a solid and lasting presence in Brazil, helping Brands, Affiliates and Publishers reach new levels in the digital advertising universe.

Discover how Adsterra can boost your online business

Adsterra is a global advertising network that stands out for its exclusive and careful approach to partners. With a decade of experience in the digital advertising market, the company has gained a broad client base in Latin America and Brazil.

Partners have the opportunity to connect with Adsterra experts at major affiliate marketing conferences in Brazil, and the company has also hired local managers as part of its regional expansion.

Currently, Adsterra offers solutions both for Affiliates and Advertisers, who seek premium traffic to promote their offers and increase ROI, and for Webmasters and Publishers, who wish to monetize their websites and content. With ad formats that don’t go unnoticed and a high eCPM, Adsterra provides greater profitability to its customers

Quantity of premium traffic that Adsterra makes available to Brazil.

If you are looking for new sources of traffic in Latin America, especially Brazil, to promote your offers, Adsterra is the right choice. With a friendly advertising policy across verticals such as iGaming, eSports, e-Commerce, VPN, among others, we offer an ideal platform to reach your target audience.

On average, Adsterra’s monthly traffic volumes in Latin America reach 4 billion impressions, with Brazil representing around 1.5 billion monthly impressions.

Every day, millions of impressions connect your offer to Brazilian users. Check out the numbers for Adsterra’s two main ad formats.


Popunders are a type of click-triggered advertisement that appears in a new tab behind the main browser window. This full-page ad format provides a direct path to your landing page.

  • Popunder Traffic: 10,363,625 daily impressions

Social Bar

An ad format exclusive to Adsterra, Social Bar is a collection of display ads that offers 20+ creative templates, which can be customized to fit your offering.

  • Social Bar Traffic: 4,576,775 daily impressions

Register with Adsterra now and discover the platform’s average daily impressions for other ad formats using the exclusive “Traffic Estimator” tool.

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Adsterra advantages for advertisers

  • Premium traffic from 35K+ direct publishers worldwide.
  • Easy Start: Only take about 10 minutes to start a campaign.
  • Popular payment models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPI.
  • More than 20 targeting filters available (country, device, operating system, language, among others).
  • Highly converting ad formats.
  • Quality traffic from the main verticals: iGaming, eSports, Sweepstakes, e-Commerce, VPN.
  • 3-level security system: traffic is checked automatically and manually.
  • Custom bid for cost optimization: Increase bids for the best traffic sources and decrease bids for the lowest performing ones during the campaign.
  • Pricing tokens for detailed monitoring of ad spend.
  • Easy API integration and tracking.
  • RTB available.
  • Personalized support with dedicated managers and 24/7 live chat support.

Advantages of Adsterra for publishers and webmasters

  • Quick and simple start with just 1 minute moderation.
  • Automated bi-weekly payments starting at $5.
  • Popular payment methods: PayPal (Hyperwallet), Bank Transfer.
  • 100% fill rate and Anti-AdBlock technology, increasing revenue by up to 35%.
  • Referral program with 5% commission.
  • Direct link: a way to monetize your social traffic without the need for a website or blog.
  • Personalized support with dedicated managers and live chat support available 24/7.

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Adsterra: the advertising platform that stands out among Brazilians.

For greater convenience for partners in Brazil, Adsterra offers an automated and friendly onboarding tour through the personal account. Additionally, the company regularly publishes useful articles and materials in Portuguese on its blog and social media. Follow Adsterra on Instagram and on the WhatsApp channel in Portuguese.

Adsterra plans to continue expanding its presence in the Brazilian region, while improving its product to provide even more convenience and efficiency to customers in Brazil.