Programação completa do BiS SiGMA Americas 2024

With just one day left until the official opening of BiS SiGMA Americas 2024, the gambling industry is already duly mobilized to meet in São Paulo (SP), over the next three days.

The event takes place until Thursday (25th), spread across three halls of the Transamerica Expo Center, with an exhibition and two conference auditoriums.

In other words, twenty thousand square meters are available to more than 230 national and international iGaming companies that have already confirmed their presence at this year’s convention.

The event is expected to receive more than ten thousand visitors with a huge variety of profiles, with emphasis on executive leaders and personalities from the sports betting sector.

Check out the complete BiS SiGMA Americas 2024 schedule

Agenda for Tuesday, April 23rd:

02:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Reception

Avoid the lines at the pavilion. Collect your credential in advance and have a drink with us. The accreditation desks are open from 2pm to 10pm. The networking cocktail starts at 6pm.

07:00 pm – 11:00 pm: SiGMA Awards

From featured influencers to leading operators and providers, the SiGMA Awards highlight the creative projects and ideas that have reshaped the gaming and affiliate landscape. A night of celebration, networking and entertainment at Rooftop One.

Agenda for Wednesday, April 24th

09:35 am – 09:50 am: Discurso de boas-vindas ao BiS SiGMA Americas

  • Alessandro Valente
  • Carlos Cardama
  • Eman Pullis (SiGMA Group)

Palco Itaim:

10:15 am – 10:45 am: What’s new in Brazil’s state lotteries

  • Marcello de Mello Corrêa (Axis Veritas Consultoria)
  • Francisco Petrônio (LOTEP)
  • Fernanda Carla de Oliveira (LOTESC)
  • Daniel Romanowski (LOTTOPAR)

10:45 am – 11:45 am: Economic and social development in Brazil: the impact of state lotteries and new business opportunities

  • Wesley Callegari Cardia (Advogado)
  • Rodrigo Schekiera Franco dos Santos (CAIXA)
  • Amilton Noble (Hebara Distribuidora de Produtos Lotéricos)
  • Marco Taurisano (Kroopie)
  • Dr. Nelson Wilians (Nelson Wilians Advogados)

11:20 am – 11:50 am: Fireside chat

  • Luiz Gustavo Zonca (Rei do Pitaco)
  • Carsten Koerl (Sportradar)

11:50 am – 12:30 am: Forming an iGaming Hub to welcome the industry

  • Flavio Figueiredo (iGaming Brazil)
  • Rogerio Lins (Prefeitura de Osasco)
  • Renato Cedin (Mercado Pago Brasil)

12:30 am – 01:10 pm: Beyond borders: Investigating the national and international impact of the regulation of Sports Betting in Brazil

  • Magnho José (Instituto Brasileiro Jogo Legal)
  • Alex Fonseca (Superbet)
  • Rafael Marcondes (Rei do Pitaco)
  • Newton Cardoso Jr (Dep. Federal do Brasil)
  • Dr. Rubio Teixeira (Octus)

01:15 pm – 01:55 pm: Challenges and opportunities in the state scenario for attracting investors

  • Dr. Leandro Pamplona (BKP Advogados Associados)
  • Marcus Vinícius de Almeida (Assembleia Legislativa do RS)
  • Raphael Ayub (Governo do Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Danielle Calazans (Sec. de Planejamento, Governança e Gestão)

01:55 pm – 02:35 pm: The new advertising challenges for the Sports Betting market

  • Fernanda Batistella (MYLAW – Maia Yoshiyasu Advogados)
  • Guilherme Frioli (UOL)
  • Alexandre Ugadin (Agencia WE)
  • Roberto Cezar dos Santos (Aposta Ganha)

02:40 pm – 03:20 pm: Strategic partnerships: harmony between operators and payment providers in the international market

  • Roney Carlos Mensch (Pixtopay)
  • Newton Aquino (Pixtopay)
  • Leonardo Chaves (OKTO)
  • Francisco Manssur
  • Dr. Nelson Wilians (Nelson Wilians Advogados)

03:20 pm – 03:40 pm: How will Brazil’s regulatory evolution shape new values, insights and technologies in the global gambling industry?

  • Stephen Crystal (SCCG Management)

03:40 pm- 04:20 pm: Impact of regulation on sports sponsorships: assessing market potential

  • Luiz Gustavo Zonca (Rei do Pitaco)
  • Eduardo Toni (São Paulo FC)
  • Fabio Wolff (Wolff Sports)
  • Roberto Trinas (Catena Esporte)

Jardins Stage

10:00 am – 10:40 am: Taking advantage of the opportunity: the rise of Online Betting in Brazil and the role of digital marketing

  • Manuel Matos (Super Afiliados)
  • Julia Boianovsky Rios (Optimove)
  • Gabriel Moreira (Influx Solutions)
  • Natalia Nogues Control F5)
  • Fernando Garita (Betsul)

10:40 am – 11:20 am: Successful strategies: insights and challenges in the video bingo market

  • Fabiola Jaeger (Caleta Gaming)
  • Mariana Tostes (FBMDS)
  • Sebastian Perrier (Neko Games)
  • Helen Zuñiga Tataje (Betmotion)

11:25 am – 12:05 am: Strategies for betting with conscience: responsible gambling and emotional control

  • Ruy Peixoto (Esportes da Sorte)
  • Ricardo Magri (EBAC)
  • Rodrigo Alves (ABAESP)

12:05 am – 12:45 an: Next steps: opening through the legalization of resort and urban casinos in Brazil

  • Luiz Felipe Maia (MAIA YOSHIYASU Advogados)
  • Alex Parientes (Hard Rock)
  • Waldir Marques (W.A Technology)

12:50 am – 01:05 am: Mapping new horizons: opportunities for collaboration between Brazil and Malta

  • John Aquilina (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Malta to Brazil)

01:10 pm – 01:30 pm: Centurion weigh-in

01:40 pm – 02:20 pm: Influencer marketing in focus: maximizing conversions and ethical branding in the face of regulatory challenges

  • Pedrão Bet (Aposta Online)
  • Ronald Lopes (Loyalty Tecnologia)
  • Pedro Feitosa (Influencer)
  • Fabio Bampi (Influencer)
  • Bruno Pereira (Bruno Ads Company)

02:20 pm – 03:00 pm: Expanding horizon of influencers in the industry beyond iGaming

  • Renan Philip (3C)
  • Mayk Santos
  • Xaxa Charles (Aposta Online)
  • Celso Ribeiro (BR Media Group)

03:00 pm – 03:40 pm: The role of ambassadors in online betting companies: challenges and opportunities

  • Rogerio Minotouro (Former UFC fighter)
  • Deni Honorio

03:45 pm – 04:25 pm: Evolving from Affiliate to Operator: Strategies to Maximize Your Success

  • Alessandro Valente (Super Afiliados)
  • Daniel Aliano (Catena Media)
  • Nickolas Ribeiro (Bet7K)
  • André Viana (Growth Digital Marketing)

04:25 pm – 04:55 pm: Betting on the present: approaches to the immediate mentality of Brazilians

  • Witoldo Hendrich (Online IPS)
  • Wilder Brito (WA. Technology)
  • Luciana Hendrich (Hendrich Digital)
  • Santiago Mizraji (Sportradar)
  • Kiko Augusto (Rei do Pitaco)

05:00 pm – 06:00 pm: Affiliates x Operators (Speed Dating)

Agenda for Thursday, April 25th

Itaim Stage

10:10 am – 10:50 am: The impact of cryptocurrency on payment solutions

  • Matheus Medeiro (FuTokens)
  • Giles Whitby-Smith (Bitcashier)
  • Rodrigo Ikegaya (Foxbit)
  • Thales Freitas (Bitso)

10:55 am – 11:35 am: Beyond limits: how traditional media reinvents itself in a regulated world

  • Paulo Saad (Grupo Bandeirantes)
  • Thiago Gomes (999 Agency)
  • Antonio Forjaz (Sportingbet)

11:40 am – 12:20 am: The importance of events for the regional iGaming industry

  • Flavio Raimundo (Afiliados Brasil & Gambling Brasil)

12:25 am – 01:05 pm: Paris 2024 Olympics: commitment to sport and integrity

  • Magnho José (Instituto Brasileiro Jogo Legal)
  • Tiago Barbosa (Genius Sports)
  • Felippe Marchetti (Sportradar)

01:10 pm – 01:50 pm: Affiliates in Brazil: navigating the culture and establishing partnerships

  • Pedrão Bet (Aposta Online)
  • Abelardo Dantas (Cactus Gaming)
  • Luis Felipe Correia (Smart Social)
  • Leonardo Benites (Propane)

01:55 pm – 02:35 pm: Disruptive innovations in the world of iGaming: strategies for the future

  • Marco Pequeno (iGaming 360)
  • Kayky Janiszewski (Legitimuz)
  • Tiago Silva (Cactus Gaming)
  • Valter Delfraro (GLI)

02:40 pm – 03:20 pm: Present and future: the influence of iGaming regulation and legislation on the Brazilian football industry

03:25 pm – 04:05 pm: Understanding the demands and evolutions of the B2B market

  • Thomas Carvalhaes (GR8 Tech)
  • Fellipe Fraga (EstrelaBet)
  • Ricardo Bianco Rosada (Qesh)
  • Kainnan Pitano (Banana Games)

03:40 pm – 04:20 pm: The importance of payment methods in the competitiveness of online gaming operators

Jardins Stage

10:05 am – 10:20 am: AI for Life and Business: Live Demo with Tony Ventura

10:20 am – 10:35 am: A true story of AI: free AI tools and legislation with Kenneth Corrêa (80 20 Marketing)

10:55 am – 11:10 am: Technological innovation and finance: RWA transformation with Fabricio Tota (Bitcoin Market)

11:15 am – 11:45 am: Future of Cash and Crypto Adoption in Latin America: Market Bullish Trends

  • Cal Evans (Gresham International)
  • Matheus Moura (BRLA Digital)
  • Guilherme Giserman (Itaú BBA)
  • Antonio Neto (Vega)
  • Fabricio Tota (Mercado Bitcoin)

11:45 am – 12:00 am: Crypto and gaming: risk versus reward with Cal Evans (Gresham International)

12:00 am – 12:15 am: AI & Crypto: Global/LATAM practices for regulation, taxation, incorporation and licensing with Jaguar-Adva Gal

12:20 am – 12:50 am: Legal practices for technology and finance in Latin America: Crypto, AI, BaaS, Open Finance and more

  • Cal Evans (Gresham International)
  • Jaguar-Adva Gal (Jaguar Reg&Comp)
  • Heitor Miguel (PMZ Capital)

12:50 am – 13:20 am: The best Web3 tools for gaming, marketing and community building

  • Heloisa Passos (Trexx)
  • Gabriel Boni (Dsourc3)
  • Vinícius Moraes de Carvalho (Ikigai Ventures)

01:25 pm – 02:05 pm: Unlocking player loyalty: the impact of gamification on Brazil’s newly regulated betting sector

  • Tommy Kearns (Xtremepush)
  • Nicolas Campano (Soft2Bet)
  • Dinos Stranomitis (Altenar)
  • Victor Sekushenko (SOFTSWISS)
  • Maksym Tsaryk (Growe)

02:05 pm – 02:20  pm: Complexity and risks in game supplier integration: strategies for success

02:20 pm – 03:30 pm: SiGMA/SiGMA affiliates startup pitch

03:30 pm – 06:10 pm: Launch of IBDJ