Neymar e outros influenciadores são processados por homem que perdeu dinheiro em apostas esportivas
Imagem: Blaze/ Divulgação

A carioca is suing Neymar, Felipe Neto and other digital influencers. He claims he was encouraged by them to bet large amounts at the Blaze bookmaker. Unemployed, the man used his savings and claims to have lost everything.

In addition to Neymar and Felipe Neto, Blaze and payment intermediary companies are also mentioned. The author of the case invested R$62 thousand in the gaming platform. He seeks reimbursement of this amount and compensation of R$1 million for moral damages.

Author of the case followed videos of Neymar and other celebrities

Thus, according to the lawsuit, the author always saw influencers posting videos where they multiplied the value of their bets. When researching, he found videos on YouTube that showed that the accounts used by the influencers were “training” accounts for the betting platform.

“This finding leads us to the obvious, the platform’s training/fake/demo account has a different algorithm than the ‘real’ account. So, the public sees influencers betting, earning so-called ‘extra income’, without knowing that they use the demo account. But when betting on the ‘real’ account, with a different algorithm, the person loses their bets”, says the action.

Neymar and Felipe Neto’s advisors have not commented on the case so far.

However, it is worth noting that market regulations impose specific guidelines for betting house advertising, aiming to highlight responsible gambling.

How the Blaze platform works

Blaze is an online betting platform that has gained popularity in recent years, but has also faced controversy. To start using the platform, users need to create an account, which is a quick and simple process. After registration, players have immediate access to various betting options.

The platform offers a variety of games including roulette, slots, BlackJack, poker, sports betting and more. Furthermore, Blaze has two original games created by the company, Double and Crash, the latter being the most popular on the platform.