Marcelo Freixo é a favor dos cassinos
Imagem: Marcelo Freixo (Embratur / Renato Vaz)

The president of Embratur (Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion), Marcelo Freixo, expressed his support for the legalization of physical casinos in Brazil, as long as there are clear rules to control betting.

In an exclusive interview with the CB Poder program, he highlighted the casino management model in Portugal as a positive reference.

In this case, entry is only permitted with CPF registrations, there is a limit on length of stay and amounts spent, especially for elderly people.

Casinos can increase revenue from tourist spending

Freixo highlighted that the legalization of casinos is not only an economic issue, but also a social one. It would help to regularize an activity that already occurs clandestinely and without control.

He believes that legalization could attract more foreign tourists to Brazil, generating jobs and boosting the entire tourism chain.

International tourism in Brazil reached historic numbers in 2023, with revenue of US$6.9 billion, surpassing the results of 2014, when the country hosted the World Cup.

Freixo also highlighted that the number of international tourists visiting the country in 2023 was practically the same as in 2019. This indicates a market recovery reaching numbers before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the legalization of casinos could be a new source of resources for promoting Brazil’s tourism abroad, contributing to Embratur’s budget.

In Portugal, for example, the tourism sector represents 22% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), while in Brazil it corresponds to 8%.

Freixo emphasized that, although this number could increase, the current rate is already significant, comparable to that of oil, which represents 12% of Brazilian GDP.

Therefore, the discussion about the legalization of casinos in Brazil continues at full steam. After all, there is a bill being processed in the Federal Senate that provides for the legalization of casinos, slot machines and other types of games.