PayBrokers abre banco digital
Imagem: PayBrokers / Divulgação

PayBrokers is a Brazilian company specialized in payment solutions for the regulated sports betting and iGaming market. Last Wednesday (24), PayBrokers Bank was launched, an innovative institution in the digital banking sector.

The bank is expected to redefine the way customers manage their personal and business finances. So, with an information-rich and easy-to-use platform, PayBrokers Bank offers a complete banking solution.

It will do everything a bank does, allowing users to make withdrawals, bill payments, transfers and deposits, all through a single application.

Main services of PayBrokers Bank

According to Edson Lenzi, CEO of the PayBrokers Group, the integration of cutting-edge technologies makes PayBrokers Bank one of the safest and most reliable digital banks on the market.

“Our mission is to simplify our customers’ financial operations, allowing them to have more control and visibility over their money in complete security,” says Lenzi.

PayBrokers Bank Key Features:

  • Simplified banking operations. In other words, the possibility of carrying out all essential banking transactions in a safe and intuitive digital environment.
  • Instant monitoring. This way, you can monitor transactions in real time, ensuring total transparency and control over your finances;
  • Advanced security. Protect information with the most up-to-date security measures, including two-factor authentication and data encryption.
  • Ideal for both personal and business use. PayBrokers Bank is committed to providing an exceptional experience to its customers. So, with a user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support available, the digital bank ensures that your financial needs are met efficiently and hassle-free.

About the news

PayBrokers Bank is a digital financial institution focused on providing affordable and efficient banking solutions. Founded by financial sector visionaries, the bank strives to offer services that meet the demands of the modern world. In this way, it is responsible for promoting greater inclusion and financial accessibility.

The PayBrokers Group provides payment solutions for the regulated sports betting and iGaming market. Furthermore, it promotes financial resources for national and international companies to operate in the Brazilian market.

The group provides speed in transactions, highly stable infrastructure, financial services focused on the growth of its customers. The company is constantly innovating to boost the growth of its partners in Brazil.