Enthusiast of sports betting, Drake accounts for a millionaire loss in his guesses

Canadian rapper Drake is increasingly involved with the sports betting market. The singer has already posted his victories and frustrations on social media when it comes to putting values ​​on the results of sporting events.

In total, the artist already records a loss of R$ 18.79 million, taking into account what has already been won and lost by the rapper in the events published on his social media. Of the bets that were announced by Drake, he lost around R$25.29 million and won approximately R$6.5 million.

Despite betting expressive amounts, the rapper has a partnership with the Stake bookmaker. Although he is not very successful in his choices, Drake is keen to vary the sports he will bet on.

The singer’s bets range from the Super Bowl, a major American football league decision, and the 2022 World Cup final – between Argentina and France – to Formula 1 races and national league games.

Sports betting held by Drake

Super Bowl

In football decisions, Drake has better results. In Super Bowl 2022, the rapper managed to profit approximately R$ 4.4 million in bitcoins with the victory of the Los Angeles Rams.

This year, he put $965,000 (R$ 5.1 million) in different tickets related to the confrontation between Chiefs and Eagles. Despite not having much success in the choices, Drake managed to hit the team that would be champion and earned R$ 2.6 million.

World Cup

The musician bet that Argentina would beat France in normal time, by 2 to 1. Despite having guessed who would lift the cup, Drake lost, in all, one million dollars (R$ 5.1 million).


Drake bet 550,000 Canadian dollars (R$ 2.1 million) that Charles do Bronx would lose to Justin Gaethje on the main card of UFC 274. With the Brazilian’s victory, the rapper lost everything.

On other occasions, the singer also lost money when betting against a Brazilian fighter. This time, the Canadian lost US$ 2 million (R$ 10.3 million) with the triumph of Alex ‘Poatan’ Pereira over Israel Adesanya.


Recently, Drake lost US$ 400,000 (R$ 2 million) by betting on Jake Paul’s victory over Tommy Fury. If the youtuber had knocked out the opponent, the rapper would have taken US$ 1.4 million (R$ 7.5 million).

National Championships

Drake placed a composite bet of US$833,000 (R$4.3 million) on Barcelona’s victory over Real Madrid and Arsenal’s victory over Leeds. Despite the Gunners doing their part, Barça lost the classic and caused damage to the singer.

Formula 1

In 2022, the rapper bet US$ 230,000 (R$ 1.1 million) on the victory of Charles Leclerc, from Ferrari, at the Spanish GP. However, the Italian driver had to withdraw from the race due to an engine problem. With that, Drake lost his money.