Foto: Roque de Sá/Agência Senado

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on the Manipulation of Games and Sports Betting scheduled a new session for this Wednesday (24), at 2 pm. Thus, aiming to deliberate on a series of requests.

Among the requests on the agenda, the requests for attendance from the presidents of Tombense, Lane Gaviolle, and Londrina, Getúlio Marques Castilho, stand out.

Both requests were proposed by the president of the CPI, senator Jorge Kajuru (PSB-GO), under numbers 3/2024 and 4/2024, respectively.

According to Kajuru, the match involving the Tombense and Londrina teams, which took place on May 19, 2023 in Series B, is being investigated by the Superior Court of Sports Justice for Football (STJD) due to suspicions of result manipulation.

The senator highlights signs of suspicious bets linked to the cards, from people close to the match referee.

Court hearing

Another demand on the agenda (REQ 33/2024), presented by senator Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ), aims to promote a public hearing.

Senator Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ) – Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Agência Senado

Portinho aims to discuss how the entities responsible for managing sports are mobilizing to prevent and combat the manipulation of results, considering the regulation of sports betting in Brazil.

The proposed hearing must include the participation of representatives from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV), Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB) and other sports organizations.

Betting CPI: invitations to referees and transparency in investigations

Furthermore, the CPI intends to vote on several invitations aimed at football referees. One of the requests aims to invite Raphael Claus (REQ 38/2024), recognized as one of the most important referees in Brazilian football today.

Senator Kajuru, author of the invitation, proposes that Claus testify to the CPI in a confidential session. In turn, the vice-president of the commission, senator Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE), presented a request (REQ 40/2024) to invite the president of the CBF Arbitration Commission, Wilson Luiz Seneme.

Therefore, these measures represent a joint effort to clarify the circumstances surrounding suspected match-fixing.