Lotérica localizada no Centro do Rio de Janeiro — Foto: Reprodução/Google Street View

The Mega-Sena lottery brought a significant change to the routine of the Centro da Sorte lottery, located in the center of Rio de Janeiro, on Monday (22).

The reason was a bet made on site, which was the only one to receive the astronomical prize of R$ 102 million drawn last Saturday (20).

The winning game, a simple bet, consisted of just six tens, representing a tiny chance in more than 50 million attempts.

Delfim Morgado, owner of the lottery, witnessed the unprecedented event. With more than two decades of experience at the helm of the establishment, Morgado expressed his surprise: “The lottery has existed since 1986. With me alone at the helm, it’s been more than 20 years.”

Regarding the identity of the lucky winner, he remained intrigued, stating: “He played the game with the option of Teimosinha, who repeats the tens in the following draws, so it could be that he came some time ago to play these tens. It really isn’t possible to to know”.

The numbers selected by the winner were 07-19-25-46-50-53.

Expectations of local players in the Mega-Sena lottery

Amid the turmoil after the event, Edvânia Pedro da Silva, a 37-year-old social worker, shared what he would do with this fortune. “I think I would go somewhere where I could organize my thoughts.

Only then would I think about what I would do to solve my life, the lives of my family members. I would certainly live off income, investments, and take a part to help with social projects in the community where I live”, he declared.

Maria Elenilda, a 55-year-old seamstress, also present at the lottery that day, expressed her surprise upon learning of the local winner.

Despite not having a defined strategy for her bets, she considered the possibility of adopting a new approach, considering the success of Rio de Janeiro’s new millionaire.

“I usually go by luck, what comes to mind that day. We play thinking about winning, right?”

Next draw

The next Mega-Sena draw takes place on Tuesday night (22). The prize is estimated at 3.5 million reais.