FeedConstruct‘s Statistics Widgets department is pleased to introduce its new type of H2H widget for land terminals, designed to enhance interaction and user interface.

This widget simplifies the presentation of comparative (H2H) data, providing deep insights into team performance with its non-clickable, screen-optimized design.

The H2H widget features detailed analysis of various metrics, including team performance, H2H comparison data, and recent match results.

Here is the data you can find in this widget:

  • H2H Comparison Data: Detailed comparisons between two teams, including historical matchups and relevant statistics.
  • Team Performance: Highlighting the efficiency form of both teams.
  • Last 5 games: reviewing the results of the teams’ last five matches.
  • Current standings: Quick reference to teams’ current league positions.

The widget is a ready-to-use solution with easy iFrame integration into the sportsbook and individual branding to reflect a personalized touch.

The introduction of the new H2H widget type represents a major step forward in simplifying the presentation of sports data to land terminals. Thus improving the user experience and supporting partners.

About FeedConstruct:

FeedConstruct has built a strong reputation in providing sports and streaming data to over 300 partners, offering comprehensive solutions covering pre-game, live and post-game data.

Thus, the company’s commitment to sports technology solutions and precision has positioned it as a trusted supplier in the industry.

This collaboration with the Argentine Football Federation is a testament to FeedConstruct‘s mission to improve the experience for both fans and partners.

So stay tuned for a journey of sports, excellence and collaboration as FeedConstruct and the Argentine Football Federation launch this exciting new chapter together.