Sportradar launches mental health program for athletes

Sportradar has launched a new project aimed at supporting the mental health of sportspeople, specifically with regard to gambling. Called ‘Athlete Wellness’, this is a global program developed by Sportradar Integrity Services for leagues and federations, teams and government bodies.

The initiative will focus on prevention and education, offering organizations a curriculum that includes virtual sessions, pre-recorded seminars and in-person workshops. Jim Brown, head of Athlete Integrity and Welfare Services for Sportradar in North America, described the program as a “natural step” for the company.

“We believe Sportradar has an important role in the sporting world and a responsibility to help our partners educate their athletes about the potential impact of sports betting and gambling issues on their mental health,” said Brown.

“As a leading global provider of integrity services, the launch of this program is a natural step towards continuing to protect the integrity of sport for all,” he added.

To help deliver the planned content, Sportradar has partnered with a number of organizations and experts in the fields of mental health and gambling addiction. That working group included Kindbridge Behavioral Health, a mental health treatment provider focused on gambling and gambling disorders, and Dr. Timothy Fong, co-director of UCLA’s Game Studies Program.

Sportradar renewed membership of the United States National Gaming Council

Sportradar also recently renewed its membership in the United States National Gaming Council (NCPG). Keith S. Whyte, Executive Director of the NCPG, said, “We applaud Sportradar for creating its Athlete Wellness program to help protect the mental health of athletes and we strongly support these efforts.”

“As legalized sports betting expands across the country, it is more important than ever to ensure that gambling addiction prevention and education programs are in place for all leagues, sports, clubs, teams and schools.” concluded Whyte.