Symplify, the market leader in CRM and AI cloud solutions, has enhanced its services for the casino industry with a focus on the North American market.

Symplify is introducing a suite of new products in a single release after analyzing current market demand to accelerate growth within the newly regulated North American market.

The North American gaming market is rapidly transforming into a hybrid of digital and physical presence. Symplify’s latest release aims to leverage this paradigm with its Geolocation campaign and customer travel activations.

Brand partners are now in a position to open the dialogue with customers using physical location as a catalyst for messaging.

SCCG Founder and CEO Stephen Crystal said, “AI is playing an increasingly influential role in successful operations. Our mission is to provide 360° service to our partners across multiple industries, and I’m excited to add another vital layer to our solution and to be working with Symplify as we continue to grow their business.”

Symplify’s new releases

Symplify’s AI Engagement Optimizer is ground-based and complementary to Geolocation functionality. Here partners can engage with customers at physical facilities using location data. Combined with point-of-sale data it means you can now upsell in a real-world environment.

A typical example of this would be the ability of partners to now extend customers’ stay on live platforms. Again, using real-time trigger messages, the customer can receive incentive offers at the exact moment Symplify’s AI reveals that interest is waning.

An example of this is the provision of a free ‘dinner voucher’ in an effort to affect customers’ willingness to stay. The combination of this data, these campaign triggers and a multi-channel campaign interface brings a new era of digitization to land-based casinos.

This Symplify service extension has been synced with the SBC Summit North America, where CRM experts will be showcasing the product (Stand #317) between July 12-14, 2022.

Symplify CEO Robert Kimber said, “As is so often the case with games, with a new market comes new opportunities and challenges. The size of the US market and the potential for ‘hybrid’ marketing communications is incredibly exciting.” .

“Our new solutions give our partners even more space to engage at the best possible time by sending highly personalized messages,” added Kimber.