Project that provides for Legal Framework for Gambling should be left for 2023
Photo: Agência Brasil

The continuity of the processing of the bill that provides for the Legal Framework for Gambling in Brazil will probably be for next year. According to an excerpt from Coluna Esplanada, from Folha BV, the team of President Jair Bolsonaro recommended that this proposal not be evaluated in a period so close to the general elections.

Therefore, the president was persuaded to leave this issue until 2023. With just a few months to go before the presidential elections, Bolsonaro has no intention of creating friction with the Christian public, especially evangelicals, the base of his electorate.

Also according to Coluna Esplanada, the president believes that it is a huge strain to be reversed shortly before the election, taking into account the Senate vote in the second semester. The project was approved in the Chamber of Deputies earlier this year, but suffered from opposition from the evangelical bench.

In February, pressured by the evangelical bench itself, Bolsonaro said he would veto the Legal Framework for Gambling if it passed the Senate and regretted the approval of the agenda in the Chamber. Government members, however, worked in favor of the project in the Chamber of Deputies, as did the Centrão. That’s because there is a division on the subject in the president’s support base.

According to a report by ‘O Globo’ in June, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), the president’s son, advocates the legalization of gambling, but does not publicly defend the issue. In 2020, Flávio went to the United States on a trip to study and address the issue.

Senate President promises not to shelve Legal Framework for Gambling

Federal deputy Newton Cardoso participated last Thursday, June 30, in a panel of the first Latam Affiliates, in São Paulo. Supporter of the regulation of gambling in Brazil, the deputy stated that he received confirmation from President Rodrigo Pacheco that the Senate will vote on the matter, but without mentioning any deadline.

“It won’t stay in the drawer. I’m sure, on the part of the Senate, that approval will happen. And, we have no doubt that the Regulatory Framework will bring great benefits to Brazilian society”.

The deputy also declared that the amount collected from the Legal Framework for Gambling could reach 30 billion reais and be reverted to education, health, sports and other social causes.