Betfair betting company is the new master sponsor of the Palmeiras women's team
Photo: Thiago Mancini

Online betting company, Betfair closed a two-year deal with Palmeiras this Saturday, 14th. The partnership involves the exhibition in the master property of the uniform of the Verdão women’s soccer team. The agreement also provides for the inclusion of Betfair in all official digital content exclusive to Verdão in women’s and men’s football.

“We are very proud to announce our partnership with Betfair, one of the world’s leading companies in the sports betting industry. This agreement will allow our women’s team to continue growing and winning titles. Palmeiras is a sports company and we are always looking for alternatives to strengthen the different modalities of the club, ensuring that all of them are self-sufficient”, declared Leila Pereira, president of Palmeiras.

The contract, which is among the largest in Brazil in women’s football, includes an unprecedented and pioneering delivery of digital items on all platforms of the São Paulo club, providing even more entertainment to fans over 18 years of age through sports betting, whether they are in the stadium or in their homes.

Over the next two years of partnership with Palmeiras, the bookmaker will promote several actions to bring information and emotion to Palmeiras, encompassing unique experiences on the field and opportunities to achieve the best results in betting.

Betfair Ambassador Rivaldo participated in the launch of the partnership

To start the partnership and show that Every Result is Possible, Betfair brought five-time champion Rivaldo, international brand ambassador and great idol in the club’s history, to Brazil to join Palmeiras again. Brazilian champion in 1994 and São Paulo in 1996, Rivaldo caught the attention of fans by appearing in a video with President Leila Pereira, posted on Alviverde’s social networks, anticipating the celebration of the partnership.

Kimberley Daly, Marketing Director at Betfair, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Palmeiras. Alongside the club, Betfair’s role is to help create opportunities and invest in women in the sport, as well as continue investing in the laudable project of the men’s team with its recent achievements that brought joy to the alviverde fan. Last but not least, Betfair puts fans of the sport at the top of everything we do and this is very much in line with the values ​​of the Palmeiras Family. We are very excited to be part of the Alviverde Family as well.”


In order to translate the shared values ​​into a single message for the fans, Betfair and Palmeiras launched a manifesto on social networks, celebrating the possibilities that football opens up to all those who allow themselves to be conquered by the passion of the sport. The world of emotions where every result is possible. The text of the manifesto states:

“Possibilities. The word that defines a football field.

A word that carries much more than its meaning.

A word that moves. live.

That starts in training, tireless.

That brings together strangers into one team.

Who is always after the result, without ever giving up.

Who bets in every moment, carried by faith.

Which turns victory into something much bigger: Legacy.

The legacy of heroes.

The legacy of the Greatest Champion of Brazil.

The legacy of winning the Libertadores – three times.

3 times! Lifting the cup twice in the same year!

What are the chances of this happening? The possibilities?!

And back to the magic word: Possibilities.

It’s what makes us play with the heart.

That’s what makes us one family: the Palmeiras Family!

Men, women, a single team…

Born to imagine, have faith and make it happen.

Always looking for every chance, for every opportunity.

To show why we are born winners.

And that the countryside is our destiny.

And it is in the field that every result is possible”.

About Betfair

One of the leading providers of online sports betting on the planet, Betfair is an official sponsor of Conmebol Libertadores and Conmebol Sudamericana. The group, founded in London (ING) in 2000, pioneered the provision of peer-to-peer betting (Betfair Exchange) and manages a full suite of sports betting, entertainment events and online gaming products for over four million customers over 18 years old worldwide.

Due to state-of-the-art technology, the platform has a vast product catalog, which allows you to bet with your own odds and odds offered by other users. Betfair is licensed to operate online betting and other games in 19 countries including Spain, Italy, Malta, Colombia and Great Britain.