Podcast Brazilian Lounge entrevista o presidente do IBRJ, André Gelfi

The Brazilian Lounge Podcast has just released its fourth episode, featuring an enlightening conversation with one of the most influential figures in the Brazilian iGaming market, André Gelfi.

He is CEO of the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR) and managing partner of Betsson in Brazil. With decades of experience in the sector, André Gelfi shares his knowledge and views on the betting industry in Brazil.

Featuring Ricardo Magri (Director of the Brazilian Lounge), Alessandro Valente (co-founder of the Brazilian Lounge) and Witoldo Hendrich Junior (co-founder of Hendrich Advogados / Online IPS), the podcast explores the subjects that had the most impact on the industry in the last week.

Presented by Flávio Figueiredo (CEO of the iGaming Group), the Top 7 news is sponsored by the bookmaker Bet7k.

Flavio Figueiredo - Brazilian Lounge Podcast

The episode also offers a unique insight into the future of betting in Brazil and the key role the IBJR will play in promoting responsible gaming and building a safe and regulated market. In addition, Gelfi tells how he entered the sector.

“I got into this industry not because of igaming, but because of the traditional game. It was kind of by chance. I studied at a Spanish school, worked at a Spanish bank and the Spanish bank invited me to work at a gaming event in Madrid. I worried about knowing which segment I was entering”, he reveals.

“In 2018, we had our business innovating for sports betting and that’s when my career at iGamig started. When the sports betting law was approved, we ended up associating with Betsson and the institute appeared”, he adds.

André Gelfi + Podcast Brazilian Lounge

The Brazilian Lounge Podcast details the mission of the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming

The IBJR, an innovative initiative, aims to promote responsible gaming and assist in the regulation of the Brazilian market, aiming at preventing and solving problems related to betting.

Gelfi explores the essential pillars of the IBJR and how the institution plans to contribute to the regulation of the sector. It highlights the importance of being actively involved in the regulatory discussion and how international experience can be used as a reference.

The Brazilian Lounge Podcast also addresses the importance of responsible gaming and how the market is preparing to face regulatory challenges, with a focus on measures that can ensure a safe gambling environment in Brazil.

Watch the episode of the Brazilian Lounge Podcast with André Gelfi: