Dados de Fernando Haddad são usados irregularmente em site de apostas
Foto: Fabio Rodrigues-Pozebom/ Agência Brasil

Personal data of the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, were irregularly registered on a betting website. He reported the misuse of his information on the Pixbet platform to the Federal Police.

In a representation sent to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Haddad reported at the end of last year that, when checking the platform, he noticed that some information was missing or invalid, and that his CPF was already in use.

The situation was reported as a violation of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law). The law allows citizens to demand clear information from companies about what data was used.

According to Haddad’s advisor, Pixbet declared that it took the appropriate measures immediately, blocking illegal registration and placing the minister’s security lock on a politically exposed person.

According to Folha, the then Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino requested the opening of an investigation by the Federal Police.

Pixbet is already accredited in Paraná

Flamengo’s main sponsor, the Pixbet bookmaker is already accredited in Paraná. Currently, the State has five active companies, but they only operate in the local territory and have location locks for users.

Paraná and Rio de Janeiro are the states at the most advanced stages in this type of accreditation.

The regulation of online betting under Haddad’s command

At the same time, the Federal Government created the Prizes and Betting Secretariat linked to the Ministry of Finance, responsible for regulating sports betting and online games, in January.

Furthermore, the Finance plans to establish its own extension for online betting platforms in the national territory. The objective is to make the “.bet” domain available, which will be used exclusively for companies in the sector and will be placed before “.br”.

Also according to Folha, the department headed by Haddad has already contacted the Ponto BR Information and Coordination Center, a body of the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil and responsible for creating domains.

Therefore, only companies authorized to operate will be able to adopt the “.bet” extension.