SOFTSWISS Sportbook enhances its customers’ capabilities by updating the product’s Back-Office. The new functionality allows operators to manage the betting process more effectively, as well as collect information about the results of different projects in one place.

Among the 3 main novelties, the Sportsbook team highlights the following:

  • Complete statistics in real time;
  • Great bonus customization opportunities;
  • Multi-brand management: customers have access to all projects and data related to them through a single Back-Office.

All SOFTSWISS Sportbook customers now receive detailed real-time statistics based on key performance indicators – be it a particular event, sport, market or other sport. This will help analyze operational efficiency and make timely changes.

The easy-to-use Back Office system offers a wide range of opportunities to customize bonuses for different types of audiences or events. This includes not only convenient bonus setup, but also automatic generation of banners, rules and messages visible to players.

One of the novelties is that all the features described above are available for each client’s projects in a single place, making management easier and allowing the comparison of the results of different projects without additional efforts.

SOFTSWISS Sportbook’s efforts and innovations

Alexander Kamenestkyi, owner of the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook product, comments: “We always strive to make the interaction between the customer and the product more efficient and the new Back Office allows us to take another step in that direction.”

“The bonus management system has become more flexible and helps our customers to analyze results more deeply. We will continue to develop the Back-Office which will become the basis for many new features and updates that will delight customers and players alike. “, added Kamenestkyi,

In addition to the updated version of Back-Office, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook will soon introduce its new content management system (СMS).

With a fast performing betting interface and top-notch customer support, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook meets the requirements of modern and powerful online betting software. Focused on the user’s gaming experience, the solution offers a set of engaging features such as ‘hunt’ bonuses, loot box bonuses and others.

About the company

SOFTSWISS is an international technology brand that provides software solutions for managing iGaming operations. The company holds a number of gaming licenses, providing a “one-stop-shop” white label solution, taking care of all technical, legal and financial processes on behalf of its customers.

In 2013, Softswiss was the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimized online casino solution. The company is therefore considered a technical expert with regard to the use of cryptocurrencies in online games.