Woman wins BRL 5 million in lottery after rescuing winning ticket from trash
Photo: Reprodução / KMBC News

A resident of Missouri, in the United States, reported how she almost lost a prize of R$ 5.25 million (US$ 1 million, at the current price) in the lottery by discarding the winning ticket in a pile of garbage, along with others from previous weks.

The woman, who chose to keep her identity private, purchased the $50 Millionaire Blowout lottery scratch card at a convenience store in early September and didn’t realize she had won when she scratched it. After the disappointment, the American discarded the ticket with other scratch cards, in a trash bin near her house.

However, she decided to double-check each ticket on a gas station scanner before tossing it all in the trash. According to an article in R7, she discovered that she won a real jackpot in the lottery.

“I stopped at the gas station to check my ticket, just to make sure I wasn’t throwing away any winning tickets,” she said in an interview with the Missouri Lottery website.

“I couldn’t believe this was real. I thought maybe [the scanner] was wrong, but it kept saying I was a winner. I won $1 million!”

According to FOX News, the woman has always hoped to make good money from the local lottery prizes. That’s why she used to gamble almost every week.

Caixa Lotteries complete 60 years of existence

It is not just in the United States that the lottery is successful. On Thursday, the 15th, Caixa Lotteries — responsible for carrying out lottery bets and other modalities in Brazil — completed 60 years with great prospects for the coming decades, outlining positive goals and projections, especially on issues related to inclusion policies.

To get an idea of ​​the impact of the entity, in the month of July alone, the amount of R$ 730,555.00 was transferred to various social projects. Below are some intended values:

  • R$ 145,628.00 for public security;
  • R$ 132,599.00 reverted to sports initiatives;
  • R$ 27,696.00 for projects focused on education, among others.