Professional football clubs will receive 5% of the Federal District lottery proceeds
Photo: Carlos Gandra/ CLDF

Last Tuesday, 10th, the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District approved, in the second round, the launch of the Federal District lottery. The new lottery will be administered by the Banco Regional de Brasília (BRB) and will transfer a good part of the amounts collected to various public sectors and local private social initiatives.

Professional football from Brasilia will be one of the sectors that will benefit. Professional clubs will be able to receive 5% of the collection, according to Amendment 20, proposed by deputy Eduardo Pedrosa.

“5% of the funds collected in each draw, with the exploitation of lottery games referred to in this law, are destined for the sports entities of the football modality based in the Federal District that assign the rights to use their denominations, their brands , their emblems, their hymns or their symbols for the dissemination and execution of the Public Lottery Service of the Federal District”, says the amendment.

Clubs will exchange advertising space for 5% of lottery revenue

Therefore, teams will exchange advertising space for 5% of the amount obtained in each draw. However, the project does not detail how this division will take place, nor the frequency of these transfers.

According to the website Distrito do Esporte, this percentage was not in the initial proposal, sent by Governor Ibaneis Rocha last year. The president of CLDF, Rafael Prudente, said: “I’m sure it will be a great advance. I want to thank the entire federation group that came to us, and sought out Deputy Pedrosa”.

“So, as agreed here, the amendment is being appreciated and approved so that the sport has more and more social support from our government and now with the creation of the lottery, I am sure, we will have a great advance”, he added.

One of those responsible for adding the teams from Brasilia, Godofredo Gonçalves, said: “It is a very big victory for sport and football in the Federal District. I would like to thank Deputy Eduardo Pedrosa (author of the amendment), Agaciel Maia (CEOF president) and the president of the Chamber of Deputies Rafael Prudente for always welcoming us and listening to the demands we propose. It is a change of level and professionalism for the teams of the DF”.

Now, the proposal goes to Governor Ibaneis Rocha for sanction.