Brazilians can now place their bets for Mega da Virada

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Brazilians can now place their bets for Mega da Virada
Photo: Agencia Brasil

Brazilians who are feeling lucky can already start choosing the numbers to make the games at Mega da Virada. That year, the amount foreseen for the special contest of the federal lottery is around 300 million reais.

As traditionally happens, the draw will be held on December 31 with live broadcast on open TV throughout the country. In addition, the main prize of Mega da Virada is not accumulated, as in the other special draws of Mega-Sena.

That is, if no one is able to guess the six dozen drawn on the last day of the year, the prize will be shared among all those who hit the corner.

If only one winner pockets the Mega da Virada prize and puts all the money in savings, he can earn more than R $ 340 thousand in monthly income. The amount is also enough to purchase 42 yachts worth 7 million reais each.

How to place a bet on Mega da Virada?

To participate in the special draw, just go to a lottery agency and mark six to 15 numbers on the wheel, and may even allow the system to randomly select the tens in Surprise and / or compete with the same game for two, four or I even play games in a row at Teimosinha.

Each set of six numbers can be purchased for R $ 4.50. The more scores you score, the higher the stake and the greater the chances of winning the most desired prize in Brazil.

The bettor can still increase his chances by purchasing the jackets that are sold in the lottery. At Mega-Sena, the jackets have a minimum value of R $ 10. But, each quota cannot be less than 5 reais, still being possible to make a jackpot of a minimum of two and a maximum of 100 shares.