Match-fixing: Minister of Justice reveals that PF investigates suspicious case in volleyball
Photo: Marcelo Caargo / Agência Brasil

The Federal Police (PF) opened an inquiry to investigate an alleged match-fixing scheme in volleyball. The information was revealed by the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, in an interview with Itatiaia.

Last Thursday, the 18th, the minister held a press conference to address government actions in various segments, including the investigation by the Federal Police of an alleged scheme to manipulate football matches in Series A and B of the 2022 Brazilian Championship and this year’s State Championships.

For this reason, Flávio Dino stated that the PF is available to help with the work of the CPI on betting, established on Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies.

“Regarding betting, we have several aspects of investigation today that even go beyond football. There are cases of other sports, including, that are under investigation so that, with that, the PF can apprehend this whole mosaic that unfortunately was constituted”, said the minister.

“We, the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police are available to collaborate for the proper functioning of the CPI. We believe that Parliament has a fundamental aspect, especially in the prospective dimension, that is, a new normative framework that prevents the criminal action of these fraudsters”, he concluded.

Investigation into match-fixing in volleyball is at an early stage

Minister Flávio Dino declared that the investigation by the Federal Police related to the alleged manipulation scheme in volleyball is still in its initial stage.

The PF received allegations of irregularities in the sport after cases involving soccer players began to be widely publicized by the Brazilian press. However, there is still no complaint of volleyball athletes who may be involved in the scheme.

It is worth remembering that the allegations of match-fixing in football came from the Public Ministry of Goiás, which is in charge of Operation Maximum Penalty. In addition, the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) ordered the provisional suspension of eight players involved. President Otávio Noronha’s determination lasts for 30 days.