O que é Paybrokers Confira! (1)
O que é Paybrokers Confira!.

PayBrokers is a company that offers Payment Facilitation services for value transactions, focusing on facilitating online purchases on international websites.

Its main objective is to make the payment process for international transactions simpler and safer for consumers.

Through PayBrokers’ services, customers can conveniently make purchases on foreign websites without worrying about payment issues, currency conversion and other barriers common in international purchases.

The company acts as an intermediary, streamlining the payment process and providing greater security in transactions.

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However, it is important to note that, according to Reclame Aqui, there are records of consumer complaints regarding PayBrokers. Consumers rate the company’s reliability and share their experiences.

It is always advisable to check a company’s ratings and reputation before using their services, especially in financial transactions.

In summary, PayBrokers is a company dedicated to facilitating payments in international transactions, making the process simpler and safer for customers.

PayBrokers has a large presence in the domestic market

PayBrokers has a strong presence in the field of instant payments for sports betting, providing services to several international operators.

Recently, the company took an important step by entering the sports universe in Brazil, known for hosting several brands in the same segment

During the first semester, this fintech based in Paraná assumed the role of official sponsor in a series of state championships, covering the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Pernambuco.

What is Paybrokers? Check out!

In addition, the company also extended its support to the Copa do Nordeste and the Supercopa do Brasil.

This extensive presence of PayBrokers as a sponsor in several Brazilian sports competitions demonstrates its commitment to becoming a significant figure in the country’s sports scene.

“We believe that giving visibility to the brand in major football events is of great value for a company that works side by side with the betting segment, providing instant payments”, said Mauro Abati, marketing coordinator at PayBrokers.