Stephen Crystal  no SiGMA Americas
Imagem: Stephen Crystal / Divulgação

BiS SiGMA Americas, held in São Paulo, proved to be a unique moment, not only for professionals in the gaming sector, but also for those who closely follow the growing Brazilian market. There were several discussions and a lot of excitement about Brazil’s potential to become a global power in the games.

One of the event’s talks was given by industry expert, Stephen Crystal, founder and CEO of SCCG Management.

Titled ‘How Brazil’s regulatory evolution will shape new values, insights and technologies‘, the panel provided valuable insights for industry enthusiasts and stakeholders, comparing Brazil’s journey to the US to explore the vast opportunities and challenges ahead.

“In my talk, I delved into several critical areas to understand and take advantage of Brazil’s potential in the sports betting scenario.

Main points discussed during BiS SiGMA Americas

The conference, which broke an attendance record with more than 14 thousand visitors, was full of discussions focused on several critical aspects that will shape the future of betting games in Brazil. Check out some points:

Anticipation of regulatory changes.

There is a high level of expectation regarding upcoming regulations affecting payments, KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and more. These regulations will dictate much of the operational structure of gaming entities in Brazil.

“The approval of Bill 3,626/2023 must establish a regulated environment, guaranteeing the security and stability of the market. But imposing significant restrictions, such as banning certain payment methods. In addition, Brazilian ownership of gambling companies will be required,” said Stephen Crystal.

Advertising and brand activation.

Questions about how advertising will be governed dominated the debate. So, this was the reason why many recognized brands have not yet been activated in this market.

Various market metrics.

Discussions revealed wide variations in key performance indicators such as: acquisition cost, lifetime values ​​and turnover rates.

Technology and platforms.

Platforms, especially PAMs (player account management systems), sports betting and iGaming platforms, were the highlights. Thus, it appears that the market is moving towards sophisticated, technology-driven solutions in the sector.

Local content.

BiS SiGMA Americas has a strong emphasis on content that relates to local themes and characteristics. This concern is fundamental in a country rich in culture like Brazil.

Optimism in the future of the gaming market

Central role of football.

The whole world knows the importance of football in Brazil. Therefore, it is crucial to provide unique fan engagement and activation opportunities to succeed in this market.

Property regulations.

A concern at BiS SiGMA Americas was the 20% Brazilian “ownership” rule that is the most worrying for foreign investments. In other words, this will require foreign operators to rethink their market entry strategies.

Promising future.

But despite the challenges, there was a general sense of optimism at the conference about the potential of the Brazilian market. For Stephen Crystal, “Brazilians’ preference for interactive and social gaming experiences will require more innovative future approaches from betting platforms. It will be necessary to adapt to Brazilian social habits.”

For 2025, BiS SiGMA Americas will have an even larger space to accommodate exhibitors and the public, increasing to 30 thousand square meters, which represents an increase of around 60%.

So, mark your calendars: the fair will take place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of April 2025, again at Expo Transamérica, in São Paulo.