Cassino no Citi Field

New York Senator Jessica Ramos has expressed her vehement opposition to plans for a new casino near Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets.

The casino plan had previously been supported by Major League Baseball team owner Steve Cohen, who called it a boost to Queens’ local economy. The New York neighborhood has been facing difficulties recently.

He emphasized that the plans would lead to a plethora of amenities that would be seen as a boost to the region and its appeal to tourists. However, the plans needed Ramos’ approval to move forward and, after much speculation, Ramos confirmed that he did not wish to support the proposal.

Senator proposes alternative for the vicinity of Citi Field

In a statement, the senator said: “I will not introduce legislation to divest the Corona park for the purpose of building a casino. Regardless of whether people speak out for or against Metropolitan Park, I hear the same dreams for Corona.

We want investment and opportunities, we are desperate for green spaces and recreation for the whole family. We disagree with the premise that we have to accept a casino in our backyard in return.

I resent the generations of neglect that have made so many of us so desperate that we are willing to settle.”

However, the parliamentarian announced that she has an alternative plan. “So I drafted an alternative divestment bill that strikes a balance and would allow Mr. Cohen and Hard Rock built a convention center and a hotel.

The parcel in question is strategically close to LaGuardia Airport. It would allow visitors and tourists to dine on our vibrant food scene. Mr. Cohen and Hard Rock would still make a profit, albeit less than a casino.”

She further added, “I hope my Assembly colleague will consider this alternative proposal so we can take it to the governor’s office and get to work. Therefore, I recommend that the city amend the lease agreement to collect property tax revenue and allow for the rapid renewal of this portion.

“Mr. Cohen and his team have always declared their love for our community and said they recognize our potential. So, let’s find a way forward beyond the casino, this would be a good way to demonstrate this”, concluded the senator.