Equipe de base do Palmeiras participa de palestra sobre manipulação de resultados
Foto: João Loureiro/FPF

The athletes and members of the Palmeiras Under-20 technical committee attended a lecture on match-fixing and accountability for offenders organized by the São Paulo Football Federation (FPF), last Wednesday (12).

The symposium was requested by the São Paulo club, which considers it essential to raise awareness among athletes on the topic.

The lecture was given by Renato Renatino, Legal Manager at FPF, and Mariana Chamelette, Attorney at TJD/SP (São Paulo Court of Sports Justice). Furthermore, the event was accompanied by Verdão’s team of social workers.

In addition to the theme of sports betting, the symposium aimed to address the most diverse types of result manipulation provided for in the country’s football regulations.

“The important thing is to understand that education and guidance are basic pillars for us to have an increasingly healthy and healthy sport”, said Renato Renatino.

Our goal is to convey information as clearly as possible to athletes, so that they understand the risk of engaging in manipulation. It is a way of protecting their careers, being able to achieve their dreams and avoiding criminal conduct”, he added.

According to Fernando Truyts, Verdão’s social worker, the objective was to bring knowledge to athletes regarding the manipulation of results. “Not only about sports betting, but all types of manipulations that can be classified as a crime.

Our aim is to provide conditions so that players can make better decisions without harming their careers. The club’s priority is to offer tools for the training of our athletes on and off the field”, he added.

Palmeiras Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 athletes were made aware of match manipulation

In November last year, around 70 Palmeiras Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 players also participated in a lecture regarding match-fixing.

At the moment, Verdão’s U20s compete in the Brazilian Championship and the Campeonato Paulista in the category. Leader of Nacional, the team returns to the field for the tournament next Wednesday (19), against Cuiabá, at the Bruno José Daniel Stadium, in Santo André.