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SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, an award-winning sports betting software, shares its insights and predictions ahead of UEFA Euro 2024.

The build is designed to empower operators to maximize engagement and success during this important sporting event.

SOFTSWISS strategies for the gaming season

According to SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, football occupies leading positions among other sports in revenue and betting. Therefore, the UEFA Euro period is one of the most advantageous promotional periods for operators, second only to the World Cup.

So, to maximize their promotional efforts during this period, operators can employ the following strategies and tools:

  • Event-related content across all channels: Publishing interesting facts about UEFA Euro and national teams and providing comprehensive statistics. They arrive especially during the championship, they help to increase the players’ confidence. So, to maximize reach, promotional materials and banners, including those on the casino page, must receive special attention.
  • Retention and reactivation bonuses: Offering daily express bonuses and free bets for championship matches encourages bettors to return and get involved in every round during the event. Special “welcome” bonuses can help reactivate inactive players, attracting them back to the platform. Additionally, implementing geographically targeted offers can encourage players to show support for their national teams.
  • Targeting Casino Players: According to data from SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, casino betting drops by 10-20% during major sporting events. Operators running casino and sports betting projects must engage casino players in betting activities through email newsletters and other promotions to maintain or even increase their overall iGaming metrics.
  • Competitions for engagement: Competitions between players with prizes such as fan merchandise, autographs and finals tickets can significantly increase engagement. Tournaments also serve this purpose effectively.

Opportunities during EUFA Euro

Alexander Kamenetskiy, Director of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, shares his predictions for the tournament: “With the right strategy, the UEFA Euro period is an excellent opportunity for both verticals: sports betting and casino. I wish all our partners success in achieving the expected results!

Talking about the championship, I usually support Spain, but this time, as a Ukrainian, I will support the Ukrainian national team. However, Germany is the most likely team to win. They play at home and have relatively easy opponents in the group stage and, as history shows, the home advantage can be significant.”

The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook team recently launched its first mobile application on Google Play and the Serbian App Store.

Additionally, SOFTSWISS shared a tool for all companies who are thinking about launching a sports betting project – the Sports Betting Budget Calculator, which is available for free.